Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shine a little light on me...please!

So I have a confession to make. I have this "thing" with indoor lighting. Ok, so it's more of a compulsion. Not the kind of compulsion where I have a house of lamps and strategically placed smelly candles. Just an obsession with certain lights in the house always needing to be "on".

The light above the stove and the light above the sink must be on at all times. Joe's former Nanny experienced this anal attribute when I finally confronted her about her perpetual need to turn OFF the light above the stove. She turned it off. I turned it on. We went on like this for awhile until I finally explained, "Look. I just NEED this light on, ok?" Must have been the deadpan tone and the urgent delivery as she never turned it off again. Though I'm sure she likely turned around and rolled her eyes. Can't say I blame her.

Why this oddball quirk with lighting? Was I imprisoned in a dark cellar as a child? Not that I can recall. Am I afraid of the dark? No more than anyone else. Maybe some brilliant psychiatrist can shine some light on the situation. Even if he/she offered a free comfy couch session, I wouldn't take it. It's my thing. I'm not looking to be cured. Just telling you all how it is.

So today...I stumbled down to the kitchen to notice the light above the sink OFF. Not sure who in this house would have the nerve to screw with my lighting. Turns out it's gone...poof...the big burn out. I'm in panic mode. It's thrown my whole day off. Back up of dirty dishes in the sink. Dishwasher turned on at the wrong time, throwing the whole dish cleaning schedule off. Ended up surfing the blogosphere all day cuz I couldn't focus. To top it all off, I left for the grocery store without the damn bulb. Another dim day ahead tomorrow...

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Mon said...

phhht.... that's like the worst excuse EVER for surfing the blogosphere all day.