Friday, February 19, 2010

I LOVE MAXs...suck it McDonald's

So every Thursday night after the little man's swimming lesson with Dad, we hit McDonald's. I loathe McDonald's but it's always fun for the little guy so we go. I loathe it because here in Sweden (not the case back home), they have a real crappy salad selection. Feels like I'm eating plastic.

Well a few weeks ago we decided to stop-in to Sweden's own hamburger joint called Max. I ordered a salad with chicken. It was freakn' delicious. Plus, they have a little playpark for Joe, which he gets to enjoy AFTER he eats.

I noticed, a little too late, that they had a low-carb option on their menu. Meh. I bet it's a hamburger pattie with some cut up veggies. I was happy with my salad. But last night hubby returned from a 3-day trip to Barcelona for a conference and so we decided to go to Max's for a quick bite. I decided to give the low-carb menu option a try. And buddy says, "Would you like fries with that?" Oh yes, please. Can you give me like 100 grams of carbs with my low-carb meal. Idiot. Though I imagine some ppl do this anyway.

It was indeed a hamburger pattie but wrapped up in a huge leaf of lettuce and dressed exactly as a hamburger should be!!!!!!! I was over the moon! It was freakn' delicious and the portion size was large enough that I didn't even do my usual, eat most of the little man's fries and steal half the onion rings. Ok, I had 1 onion ring and then peeled the breadedness of the rest and just ate the onion.

I love you Max, whoever you are. You made my day. Your low-carb hamburger made me feel like I was eating an actual hamburger. You fooled me. I love you.

Oh and fyi...already down 2 pounds..woot, woot.
Keep it up ME! Challenges ahead include: having to go the grocery store today and likely get a few treats for the little guy, moving over the next 5 days, etc.

Oh and we managed to win against Switzerland last night in a shoot-out..thank you Sydney Crosby!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We're losing it...together

I had to write a separate post as a follow-up to Weigh-In Wednesday because, well, I was just so thrilled and humbled that all of you (some new!) decided to join in with encouragement, support and your stories.

Den, I saw some recent pics of you (and then saw your current weight) and uhmmmm...I immediately thought to myself, "What is SHE doing here?" But as you pointed out and very rightfully so, it's about how you feel about you, not how others perceive you. It's about health and feeling and being "fit".

And I sooooooo get you about eating slower. My Dad grew up in a family of 15 and he literally had to fight for his food, wolfing it down so he could get seconds. You should SEE that man polish off a plate. If there was an Olympic sport in speed eating, he'd take home the Gold. I too, have inherited this from him and you just reminded me that I really need to watch the speed too. My Dad has actually been forced to slow down as he has developed a problem with his esophogus where he literally gets into these almost choking fits with food getting stuck. Undergoing tests right now for it.

I find social gatherings extremely challenging where sticking to a diet is concerned. For two reasons: 1. You feel so shitty if you don't touch what the host has so laboriously (sp?) prepared, especially in some of the old world countries where the hostess will literally stand by you and do everything but shovel it into your mouth 2. Food is always a reason for a celebration. Standing by the snack table with a glass of wine is the best place to make friends and eat and eat and eat...

Soooo...I am trying (again) to treat all social gatherings as an excuse to socialize. I will not wonder what's on the menu. I will not scope out the food table as I'm taking off my shoes. I will not stealthily make my way over. I will not eat mindlessly and chat between mouthfuls.

Whether we're a Den and trying to transform ourselves from horse to bird (with some crunches thrown in for good measure), using Game On! to get our weight off like YoungMama, implementing a combination of cardio and strength training a la Hyacynth or starting off by banning bad carbs like me, we all have a common thread in our journey: We want to feel great about ourselves. And WEIGHT/BODY IMAGE is NOT the end-all-be-all but it's a big part of it, for us anyway.

For me personally, I've been there. I loved it there. And this time, I want to be more than just a tourist. I want permanent citizenship.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesdays: Week 1 of many...

Alright ladies (and any gents that dare stop in),

Let's recap: Two years ago or so, I was blissfully slender for just about 2 years. The smallest I had ever been in my life. I achieved this through Atkins (the bacon is cooking on the stove right now, so hold on while I flip it) and some moderate exercise. I was a size 8, just the right size for healthy weight. Ok, so I lost my boobs and my butt, but I had a waist and could wear whatever I pleased without worrying about whether it made me look fat. See my original post if you want to hear me really vent.

Two years later: I'm back up again by 18 lbs..6 more than before Christmas even. DAMN IT. I can barely fit into the jeans i bought just before Christmas. I'm living in sweat pants! How did this happen? Well I believe it first started when I surprised my husband with a long weekend trip to Rome in August 2008. I gained 3 kilos in 4-5 days, seriously. I ate everything in sight because well, "When in Rome, eat like a pig". The food was seriously delicious: Pasta, gelato and REPEAT. But instead of moderately enjoying, I went hog wild. Sooo...I went back down again eventually but the trigger was pulled. And then I thought I was invincible and started eating little bits of this and of that and then bigger bits and well, you get the picture. Anyway: This.cannot.go.on.

In the here and now: So I'm making a renewed commitment to myself and to you, dear blog readers to lose these dreaded 18 pounds in 10 weeks. See? I'm not being completely unrealistic, that's roughly 2 pounds a week. That seems fair enough doesn't it? I've been trying and failing for the last 2 months and I figured, why not try a new tactic and hold myself publicly accountable? Yup, I'm even posting before and after and hopefully and after that looks like the before photo. Go big to get small! Let it all HANG OUT! no matter how humiliating.

Will you join me? Heck, even if you don't, will you cheer me on? I need to feel like I'm running a marathon (which I most certainly will NOT be running), so anyone with towels, cups of water, huge signs that say "Go Jenn. You can do it!" are more than welcome to line the roadway to the finish line. And any tips, keeping in mind my dedication and belief in Atkins (for me) are welcome.

Weight in my blissful days: 68 kilos, 149 pounds

Weight before Christmas: 73.5 kilos, 162 pounds

Weight now (hold off on the drum roll, don't know if I can take it): 76.4 kilos, 168.4 pounds. Yes I realize you feel jipped with no photo but I haven't let hubby near me with the camera really and I was also looking for pics that showed the full enchilada, not just my face cuz that wouldn't be fair.

Weight by mid Aprilish: 68 kilos, 149 pounds (oooo, maybe I could recreate that photo of my up on the mountain this summer?!)

Cue Rocky music...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mommies throw me a discipline bone please!

What the heck happened? Where did my pleasant little man go? I would like him back please. But I have a feeling it will take a lot more than praying to St. Theresa (Catholic thing) to get him back.

We skipped the Terrible Twos. I sat back and watched with pity and perhaps a smidge of envy as my friends went through it with their kids. For some reason, my little guy was an angel. Not sure what we were doing right or wrong at the time. But that time has officially passed.

Cases in point:
1. The other day: In the park, little boy his age standing on some wobbly beam thing. My little guy makes a move (though not quick enough) to stealthily push him off. The horror! Same park, the kid's father standing on said beam. "Get off!" exclaims my little man while trying to push him off.
2. Parent's Tea at School: Having to leave. Him not wanting to leave. Making a big show of not wanting to leave. Me being utterly embarassed while trying to NOT get angry and exercise patience. I somehow managed to do both, but damn it was hard.
3. Friend's daughter's basketball game: Repeatedly running out onto the court DURING THE GAME. Me mortified. Him, couldn't care less. I even had this "We can't go over the red line" thing going. Not denying him totally but setting a boundary. It worked for awhile and then he broke away and made the mad dash (me with too tight jeans and a sweatshirt riding up my back exposing my flesh scrambling after him...what a sight).
4. Today: Pick up the little man from school. He doesn't want to leave. "Jag vill inte gå!!!" (I don't want to go). I manage to distract him with whatever I was saying to have him trudge alongside me towards the car. We run into a mother. I stop to chat. He keeps going. I yell after him, "Slutta nu Joseph!" (Stop now!). He looks back in defiance and smiling and makes a beeline for the road WITH CARS! I cut the conversation and start sprinting. I was pretty scared to be honest. He scared the shit out of me. A car could have easily come around the cul-de-sac and beened right into him. I was mad. No, not angry. I was MAD and frightened. The exchange went something like this:
"When Mama tells you to stop, you stop. This is dangerous. A car could have come and hit you and then we would have to call the ambulance and go to the hospital and bye-bye YOU. Mama is very angry right now. blah, blah, blah. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? (scowling face for effect and well, because I meant it)." Raised voice but not screaming because I am, after all, in Sweden. He says, "Ok Mama". He realizes I'm quite serious. We get into the car. My monologue continues and then I fall silent, unable to get the vision of my son getting hit by a moving vehicle out of my mind. He is silent, waiting for the storm to pass. Insert "cut-the-tension-with-a-knife" analogy. I told him not to bother asking for candy today because he behaved badly and boys who behave badly do not get candy (yup, I realize that whole bribing or rewarding with sweets was likely not the best move).

There's a lot of challenging going on right now. Him defying us, the establishment. I remember when I did that. There was a slap on the ass. It worked. But, I don't want to take that route. I also don't want to be one of those soft Mommies who either gives in or tries to "soothingly discipline" or whatever it is when you see Mothers, whose kids soooo deserve a swift kick in the arse, say and do things you KNOW have NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER.

So please, please Mommy blogger communities, HELP ME. I need some techniques and FAST. I need something consistent because right now, I'm all over the place. Anything with a touch of "fear of God" and a smattering of "serious reasoning" sounds great!