Friday, February 5, 2010

She just said WHAT?! Swedish radio

Oy. So we're driving on our way to school the other morning with the local Top 40 station belting out some Lady Gaga. The boy loves "Bad Romance", "Poker Face" and of course, ABBA. It was RIXX FM 105.3 I believe, out of Uppsala. Then the morning show crew comes on and the little man, like myself, gets annoyed that there's "no songs Mama".

Because I only understand about 50% of what they're saying, I rarely pay attention. I'd turn it off and stick in a CD but I hear it's good to listen to radio/watch tv in the language you're trying to learn, so I leave it on.

"Eating pussy....blah, blah, blah, Swedish blah, blah, blah. Eating Pussy. Swedish blah, blah, blah...Eating Pussy."

WTF????????? Just in case I hadn't heard it right the first time, the morning show crew was kind enough to repeat this THREE MORE TIMES in like 25 seconds.

What in God's Name were they talking about? Why had I not been paying attention. Why does my 3-year old, who repeats everything, need to be sitting in the back seat right now? WTF!!!!!!!!

Seriously, can someone please explain this to me. I've heard sexual references and inuendos on the radio before. That's nothing new. Television is full of nakedness and simulated (or not) sex acts. You seriously can't get away from it. But I don't think I have EVER heard those kinds of words uttered via public broadcasting before. Have you? Or have I just been out of North America too long?

How is this appropriate? I am speechless. Hubby tried to tell me they're allowed to say anything they wantin Sweden...the media that is. Freedom of speech to the nth degree. But really? C'MON! I need a Swede to explain this to me STAT.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Bro in Flames!

After the big fuss I've been making, it's only fair to post some photos, dontcha think?

Well my little letter made it into the Terrace Daily and Merv kindly pointed me to their video footage of the relay! Wooohooo! (CTV's is still not up). So not only did we get some great photos courtesy of my bro's wife and his friends, but some video too!

Oh and in addition to LostinTranslation pointing me to some coverage, a stranger offered to send me his coverage of the event. Man, I love the Internet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear CTV...Hope you enjoyed your lunch in Terrace!

Dear CTV (Canadian Television),
My very large family spread out all over the world and myself were so excited to watch my brother carry the Olympic torch through Terrace, British Columbia today. You can imagine how proud we all were. In fact, see my earlier post on the subject. We were even more excited that you have a "Live website feed" for all of us relatives and friends to watch this special moment from so far away.

We've been counting down the days, sharing emails, tweets, FB messages, etc...all waiting anxiously for the moment when my brother would carry the torch those 300 meters.

We all logged onto the site well in advance, watching the truck make its way into Terrace and getting used to the on and off again camera, sure that once it made its way into town, you'd get set up and we'd be off to the races. We were on Skype together, calling each other by phone, Facebooking, Tweeting, etc.

And then at 4:37pm EST, you tell us via your Twitter feed that you're breaking for lunch and the feed will return shortly. Actually first you told us you were entering some local community celebration and the camera, which is mounted to the truck, wouldn't be "on". How long is lunch? Define shortly. Some of us are also waiting to eat and others in EUROPE are waiting for bed. You quite obviously have the technology, it's just the communication that seems to be lacking.

Not a word. For almost two hours we waited. Noone knows if people are running while the camera crew is breaking or if EVERYONE is off for lunch. The emails, the calls, the FB/Tweets, etc. Everyone wondering and waiting. But there does seem to be one little piece of technology functional on your site. The little running man is indeed moving. Our hearts collectively sank as the reality set in: Looks like they might be running after all.

But no word from you. Not a peep. A stranger on the Facebook feed finally gives up in frustration and calls you to find out that there was some problem and apparently you'll be showing the missing runners at 4pm. Much later you've obviously finished what must have been a delicious, 5-course lunch and decide to tell us all that "Unfortunately, due to complications with the power source on Media 1, there will be no more coverage of the Relay for the rest of Day 95."

I think my husband said it best really, "In this age of communication, it's unfortunate that we can't get word to those waiting... I feel like I'm at the airport."

And yes, I've seen that YouTube video with the guy who remarks rather hilariously that we're all so spoiled and ungrateful with modern technology. This is not about that. This is about basic communication. Tell people what's going on! I managed to update my FB status second by second. And you mean to tell me noone in the whole of CTV couldn't update ANYTHING for almost 2 whole hours?

Guess noone's brother/sister/mother/father/aunt/uncle/cousin/co-worker/butcher/baker/candle stick maker at CTV was running today.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Bro the Olympic Torch Bearer

My little brother, ok, he's not so little..29 to be exact, was chosen to carry the Olympic Torch in his current hometown of Terrace, British Columbia.

Terrace is far, far north...about a 3 hour drive from Alaska. My bro and his bride moved there around the same time hubby and I moved to Montenegro. We are ridiculously far away from each other. Luckily, bro has made countless efforts over the years to surprise me while I'm home in Nova Scotia visiting the folks.

My bro is great. He is almost the polar opposite of me. Me: Chaotic, loud, ADHD, hotel guest. Him: Calm, reserved, anal about organization, winter camper. But man I love him. He has two jobs. One with the federal government as a probation office and the other as a volunteer firefighter. I don't know how he does it, dealing with the scum of the earth on a daily basis and saving lives on his down time. He's my hero.

So it was no surprise that he was nominated by both workplaces to be an Olympic torch bearer. See, different communities have different rules concerning how one receives the honour of carrying the flame. In his, you have to be nominated. And he was.

Tomorrow, February 1st at 1:50pm PST, my little brother will run a few miles all aglow. And his big sister, 9 hours ahead, will be glowing too.