Friday, February 5, 2010

She just said WHAT?! Swedish radio

Oy. So we're driving on our way to school the other morning with the local Top 40 station belting out some Lady Gaga. The boy loves "Bad Romance", "Poker Face" and of course, ABBA. It was RIXX FM 105.3 I believe, out of Uppsala. Then the morning show crew comes on and the little man, like myself, gets annoyed that there's "no songs Mama".

Because I only understand about 50% of what they're saying, I rarely pay attention. I'd turn it off and stick in a CD but I hear it's good to listen to radio/watch tv in the language you're trying to learn, so I leave it on.

"Eating pussy....blah, blah, blah, Swedish blah, blah, blah. Eating Pussy. Swedish blah, blah, blah...Eating Pussy."

WTF????????? Just in case I hadn't heard it right the first time, the morning show crew was kind enough to repeat this THREE MORE TIMES in like 25 seconds.

What in God's Name were they talking about? Why had I not been paying attention. Why does my 3-year old, who repeats everything, need to be sitting in the back seat right now? WTF!!!!!!!!

Seriously, can someone please explain this to me. I've heard sexual references and inuendos on the radio before. That's nothing new. Television is full of nakedness and simulated (or not) sex acts. You seriously can't get away from it. But I don't think I have EVER heard those kinds of words uttered via public broadcasting before. Have you? Or have I just been out of North America too long?

How is this appropriate? I am speechless. Hubby tried to tell me they're allowed to say anything they wantin Sweden...the media that is. Freedom of speech to the nth degree. But really? C'MON! I need a Swede to explain this to me STAT.


Mon said...

Not just on public radio but in the morning, when kids are being driven to school!

I dunno. Swedes aren't so hung up about these things. But erm, that phrase is a bit much. I'm no prude but wouldn't want to have to explain it to my kiddo.

SwedishJenn said...

That's just it Mon. I would have preferred the "F" word over THIS. I understand having no hang-ups, but this is indecent. ick.

Anonymous said...

Everything's relative.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Sweden, where we are allowed to say whatever we want without the risk of being sued due to freedom of speech!

The difference between Sweden and the US (don't know about Canada) is that you cannot be sued because of what you say (if it's not a hate speech that is) since there are no laws that prohibits it. In the US you can sue for just about everything that you feel is wrong, doesn't matter if it's morally or legally wrong. So it's still legal in the US, you just face the risk of being sued.

Since we don't have that risk here no one really cares. For better or for worse of course.

SwedishJenn said...

@ Anon #1...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I honestly cannot believe that.
@ Anon #2: Oh I know all about the suing frenzy, especially in the US. It just saddens me that we can't maintain some level of decency as a society, though I realize what is considered decent varies by culture and individual.

Anonymous said...

Rix FM morningshow have always been a bit dirty and they talk about nasty stuff sometimes.

they had "fredags fräckis" with gert fylking thats always someway or another a story that ind the end relates to sex and dirty stuff.
In titti's last day she got a cast of whats supposed to be his penis... he put a picture of the sculpture on the blog.. thats just carzy.. only in sweden

someweek ago i heard someone said sperm on the show made no sens

sex and that kind of stuff is something that's not a big thing in sweden if you compare it to the us.
i read something about gossip girl that in usa parents wanted a scen removed from airing because it show they having a threesome.. in sweden no one wouldn't even think about complaining about stuff like that.

but its apart of sweden
you are allowed to pretty much say everything and most doesnt care(until it comes to immigrations and that stuff that always makes headlines somewhere)
but in the end most swedes are quite and keeps to them self when not around people they know and dont care to much of what people says

septembermom said...

My youngest son would have said, "Oh no. That poor cat." :)

Hyacynth said...

LOL, Kelly!! hahahahahahaha. Oh, that was good.
Think I'd have my iPod in the car to remedy that situation!