Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 8 of 10

I am notorious for leaving things till the last minute so I guess you won't be surprised that the same thing goes for the weight-loss.

Oh, hello again 74.6, how I was missing your square numbers on my rainbow striped digital bathroom scale. Actually, I was sure your chunky brothers 75.6 or 76.6 were sure to make an appearance this week, after the few days of candy overdose and that bottle of Spanish wine. Damn Easter Bunny.

But here you are again, an old friend who never fails to be there for me. Even if I'd much rather get close to your much hotter sister. Look, since we've spent so much time together; 7 weeks to be exact (on & off), I feel we can be honest with each other. We need to talk. So here's the thing: I will drop you like a hot potato the minute your hot sister 69 or better yet, her tight-assed, sculpted armed 68.5 BFF get anywhere near me.

"Oh sure," you say, "that relationship didn't last the first time. You'll come crawling back on your padded knees." You're wondering how I can keep things going with her, aren't you? We both know she's high maintenance.

This time, I have a plan!

So that's what the voices in my severly congested head have been talking about since last night. Last night, so glad you asked, I was invited out by the neighbour friend for "a walk". Cool! Some girl bonding time, a nice leisurely stroll, 20 minutes of gabbing and gossip. I can handle that. Even though I was sick. Yup, sick. Runny nose, chest full of gunk...the works. All thanks to the hubby and son. But I was NOT passing up the chance for a) exercise and b) face-to-face (or side of face to side of face) friendship.

And because I was sick, I was hot (as in internal-temperature-hot, nobody is sexy-hot when they're sick). So I thought, better not dress too warm. And I didn't.

"Oh, by the way, we're actually walking somewhere specific. I need to go to my work and sign some papers."

Sure, I like having a destination.

And we started. And we might as well have been running.

All I kept thinking was, how many miles/km an hour are we cruising at here? 35 minutes later, my butt and arms were frozen, my chest was screaming and I was just waiting to collapse. But somehow, I managed to keep chatting through it all. And those of you who know me personally, well, it's no big shocker.

And then we had to go BACK!!! I made it on pure adrenaline. I know, it's not like I climbed Kilimanjaro. But for no-exercise me, I might as well have been scaling a neverending incline.

Today, I discovered a muscle in my stomach simply because any movement whatsoever triggers painful spasms. But it's there. I have proof. Under that Mommy Roll, there's a muscle reminding me to save it from near-drowning.

I will save you muscle! But not tonight. Tonight, I have to listen to my body and it's telling me to stop or I'm headed straight to the ER. Tomorrow and the day after that (walk buddy or no walk buddy), I will push through.

To commemorate my new ode to fitness, I even splurged on a pair of fitness pants. Cuz this butt was meant for walkin'

Monday, April 5, 2010

Checking in

I've missed you blogosphere and bloggy friends. Last week, sick hubby and sick little boy. Remember I was all haughty and cocky and said I would have no problem avoiding the Easter treats? Yup, well, I suck...sucked them back that is. My 73.6 of last Tuesday has definitely been padded with squishy candy.

This week? I am getting sick. Little Man home for another week cuz the school is closed. Trying desperately to balance work, child entertaining, being sick and housework. Failing miserably on all counts.

Sorry for not commenting or writing. Still here. But just the "here" that means I have no time for anything except to wipe my snotty nose while I suffer through the chaos.

But it's not all thorns. A rose is blooming. It's called Moscow and we're going! More on that next time we meet...Jenn