Monday, April 5, 2010

Checking in

I've missed you blogosphere and bloggy friends. Last week, sick hubby and sick little boy. Remember I was all haughty and cocky and said I would have no problem avoiding the Easter treats? Yup, well, I suck...sucked them back that is. My 73.6 of last Tuesday has definitely been padded with squishy candy.

This week? I am getting sick. Little Man home for another week cuz the school is closed. Trying desperately to balance work, child entertaining, being sick and housework. Failing miserably on all counts.

Sorry for not commenting or writing. Still here. But just the "here" that means I have no time for anything except to wipe my snotty nose while I suffer through the chaos.

But it's not all thorns. A rose is blooming. It's called Moscow and we're going! More on that next time we meet...Jenn


Den said...

Right - Moscow...? is this a belated April Fool??

Ahh - sorry to hear you are all feeling poorly. Kinda glad though that there is someone else joining me in being crap around the treats! Ohhh - whose bright idea was it to buy lots of choccie goodies for an Easter Egg hunt? Then they were just all there, then I had to eat them AND wash them down with wine!

Oh - SO screwed. But come on - we can do this! You get well and we'll both get back on our journey... OK? I was reading an article today about changing your routine in little ways to make the weight loss stick: eating slowly & consciously(aaargh!); moving about at every possible opportunity (on the phone, when watching telly - just keep jiggling!); cutting out the snacks - just 3 square meals etc. I'm still determined to make the changes a 'normal' part of life and don't you dare just stop at 10 weeks, ok...

Hugs from me!

SwedishJenn said...

We will persevere Den. I have more motivation now than ever before...Moscow is a reality but for 5 days beginning of May. I'm already freaking out about my wardrobe in the land of Louis Vuitton, nevermind trying to fit into my wardrobe!

septembermom said...

Moscow??? Wow, that sounds cool! Take pictures, please :) I'll travel vicariously through you.

Feel better soon Jenn!!

Mon said...

SO sorry you're ill now! ARGH!! I'm sloooowly recovering.

Can't believe you have to work when the little guy's home. Who needs housework though - chuck that one out for now.

Moscow for your boss? Hubby and I have Moscow on the Great Travel List.

Do feel better soon sweetie. x