Friday, March 19, 2010

A Swedish Friend? Say it ain't so!

Last weekend hubby was making snow forts for the little guy in our front yard when he noticed a blonde woman 2 doors down and caught her eye. She stared, he smiled, waved and said, "Hi. We're new here." She stared some more and said, "Wait right there." Hubby didn't have his glasses on. 30 second later she was hugging him.

Our new neighbour just so happens to be a girl we worked with over 10 years ago! Don't get too weirded out. We were working for a Swedish company at the time but living in Canada. Still...holy crap!

I drove in the driveway, back from a quick trip to the store and hubby runs over with his shovel, "You'll never guess who our neighbour is!" She's 2 years younger than me and has a daughter a little less than a year younger than ours and a 6-year old son. SCORE!

I saw her a few hours later over the fence and we started chatting. I said, "We need to get together for coffee." And then I thought that the likelihood of that happening was slim to none and so I got bold and proclaimed, "We're gonna head over to the park tomorrow morning. We'll come knocking if you want to come."

The next morning, I fretted and panicked a little, trying to figure out a good time to knock. 10 is too early. 10:30? Nah...10:45? perfect. Far enough after breakfast and far enough away from lunch. Done.

I rang, we walked, we talked, we took the kids sledding. Turns out she is Ms. Uppsala and I met half the neighbourhood in the short distance between our houses and the park. Striking GOLD!

It was fun. I tried my best to balance between, "Please be my friend. I'm so desperate for more estrogen in my life!" and "Yeah, whatever." We parted ways and I thought..."How will I get up the nerve to ask her out again?" Yup, just like dating.

And then Thursday night, I got a text around 8:45pm. Noone texts me that late. It was her, asking if I like Grey's Anatomy and if I wanted to hop over to her house to watch it over a glass of wine. Say WHAT? I've never watched that show, but I'd watch a documentary on Dairy Farms in Minnesota if it meant snagging a friend in Sweden.

It was fun. Even with a little wine in me, I think I managed to leave a good impression. We know many of the same people and she's a tiny little ball of blonde fun.

Now it's the weekend and it's on me again. and a playdate here or keep it neutral at the park? I've already decided that when hubby is away next week, I plan to have a "Come over for a glass of wine after the kids are asleep" night with her and some mutual "friends".

Seriously freaking out here. Olive branches have been extended. Now it's up to me to evenly space out the doses of "Jenn" for fear of scaring off my prey. Please wish me luck and pray I catch my prey!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday (on Thurs.): Week 5 of 10

Sorry I'm late guys. I have a good excuse. First, insanely busy with work. Second, (I'm scared to say this for fear of jinxing it), I "think" I may have made a friend...a REAL FRIEND...a friend in SWEDEN!. I can barely contain my excitement. She invited me over to watch Grey's Anatomy last night over a glass of wine!!!! More on that later.

THE SAME. The scale has been going up and down all week. I was even dangerously close to my pre-Christmas weight at one point and then the numbers settled back into their favourite place...74.6.

I gotta say though, I've been doing rather well this week..likely cuz I have NO TIME to listen to the voices in the cupboard. Sure I have no actual NUMBERS to show for it but in addition to the nightly interpretive dance routines, we've added weights. The weights consist of my 18.4 kilo son wrapping his body around my leg (interchangeably) and forcing me to drag him across the slippery wood floor. And then (sooo dating myself here), last night I remembered how Bill Cosby used give the neighborhood kids horsy rides on his knee while he bounced them up and down and around, even the cute little fat kid. Typing that out these days sounds very wrong so many years later, but do you remember?

So my knee has been a saddle and my thigh, the horse. And now with this "potential" NF (maybe it will work better if I don't spell it out), I can conquer the world!

Have any friends (besides US of course) that offer great support on your weight loss journey? How about the one or two "friends" who aren't supportive AT ALL?

PS: Somebody reading this post has hit a major milestone: Fitting into her old jeans!!!!! C'mon tell us your secrets Ms. Weigh-in Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hubby cracked my blog

I have been complaining and rather loudly, that my blog design sucks and hinting to my uber talented hubby to do something about it. As you can see, he has begun. It's a work in progress but definitely headed in the right direction ;-).

Sorry I've been a bit silent these past few days but work has been all-consuming, but in a good way. See, hubby and I are making it our mission to turn this little mobile technology company of ours into something big. It's important for him, for us and for our future. I've been a bit lazy lately, mindlessly surfing, facebook stalking, blog-reading and commenting.

Not that any of those things are "bad" but "everything in moderation" and it's become a bit excessive. So...I have refocused and put my nose back to the grindstone. It feels good to know that my efforts are having a direct impact on the company's success and it feels great to look forward to working every morning and again, every night with the little man goes down.

So before I go grab my 3rd cup of coffee and start pushing my press release down the throats of media and analysts, here's a fun little quote uttered by my 3-year old last night while sitting on the pot: