Friday, February 19, 2010

I LOVE MAXs...suck it McDonald's

So every Thursday night after the little man's swimming lesson with Dad, we hit McDonald's. I loathe McDonald's but it's always fun for the little guy so we go. I loathe it because here in Sweden (not the case back home), they have a real crappy salad selection. Feels like I'm eating plastic.

Well a few weeks ago we decided to stop-in to Sweden's own hamburger joint called Max. I ordered a salad with chicken. It was freakn' delicious. Plus, they have a little playpark for Joe, which he gets to enjoy AFTER he eats.

I noticed, a little too late, that they had a low-carb option on their menu. Meh. I bet it's a hamburger pattie with some cut up veggies. I was happy with my salad. But last night hubby returned from a 3-day trip to Barcelona for a conference and so we decided to go to Max's for a quick bite. I decided to give the low-carb menu option a try. And buddy says, "Would you like fries with that?" Oh yes, please. Can you give me like 100 grams of carbs with my low-carb meal. Idiot. Though I imagine some ppl do this anyway.

It was indeed a hamburger pattie but wrapped up in a huge leaf of lettuce and dressed exactly as a hamburger should be!!!!!!! I was over the moon! It was freakn' delicious and the portion size was large enough that I didn't even do my usual, eat most of the little man's fries and steal half the onion rings. Ok, I had 1 onion ring and then peeled the breadedness of the rest and just ate the onion.

I love you Max, whoever you are. You made my day. Your low-carb hamburger made me feel like I was eating an actual hamburger. You fooled me. I love you.

Oh and fyi...already down 2 pounds..woot, woot.
Keep it up ME! Challenges ahead include: having to go the grocery store today and likely get a few treats for the little guy, moving over the next 5 days, etc.

Oh and we managed to win against Switzerland last night in a shoot-out..thank you Sydney Crosby!


Maelle said...


Just wanted to tell you i still read your blog, I'm addicted to your punchy articles !

Good luck for your diet !

Den said...

Don't take this the wrong way but I thought about you when I woke up this morning!
I rose at 7am because the day was fine-ish for a change (we're into those dreadful rainy days Monte can bring..). But it was too early for hubby & I was still feeling bloated & guilty about the curry I scoffed last night (Hayley cooked us a gorgeous meal - curry, rice, poppodams, mango chutney. My defense is: cooked by a friend, had to eat it!).
So, here's where you come in: I thought I didn't want to let me & you down - strange, I'm not into competition dieting & normally a loner when it comes to this stuff but hey, this is a new, strange twist & I'm going with it. Anyway - I got up and did an hour of exercise - stretches, gentle CV, weights and lots of tums toning!
The bad news is I'm off to another curry night tonight! Aargh!
Well done you with 2 pounds off already... X

Anonymous said...

What?! You lost 2 lbs in two days?! What the... How's that possible? Have you eaten at all?

SwedishJenn said...

@terander: I have no freakn' idea. I'm eating! Pounds of fat...I love Atkins!

SwedishJenn said...

@Maelle. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Glad you enjoy my crazy rants and thanks for the support :-)
@Den. Funny, I thought about you too this morning. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. I thought about your FB pic and how much aching and sweating it took to get like that. And then I thought about the 30 minute walk to the lad's school and how much that paled in comparison. And now I'm thinking about Hayley and how amazing that dinner musta been. And again, thinking about you and your hour of exercise and cheering! Enjoy your curry after all that exercise! Let's see if I can keep going. It's Friday night and there are chips in the cupboard and wine on the counter.

septembermom said...

You're doing great Jenn!!!

Simon said...

Max's hamburgers are the best! They're so much yummier than Burger King and McDonalds (and Frasses).

Maya said...

Hey! I just found your blog, interesting reading :) I'm doing Atkins too, I love the way the weight just flies off in the beginning, hehe. LOL @ the guy who asked if you wanted fries. I mean, seriously, okay so maybe he doesn't know anything about diets but if he works at a place which offers a low-carb option you'd think he'd have been told not to ask if they want fries.. or maybe he was just on autopilot... must be horrible to work at a fast food chain.