Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesdays: Week 1 of many...

Alright ladies (and any gents that dare stop in),

Let's recap: Two years ago or so, I was blissfully slender for just about 2 years. The smallest I had ever been in my life. I achieved this through Atkins (the bacon is cooking on the stove right now, so hold on while I flip it) and some moderate exercise. I was a size 8, just the right size for healthy weight. Ok, so I lost my boobs and my butt, but I had a waist and could wear whatever I pleased without worrying about whether it made me look fat. See my original post if you want to hear me really vent.

Two years later: I'm back up again by 18 lbs..6 more than before Christmas even. DAMN IT. I can barely fit into the jeans i bought just before Christmas. I'm living in sweat pants! How did this happen? Well I believe it first started when I surprised my husband with a long weekend trip to Rome in August 2008. I gained 3 kilos in 4-5 days, seriously. I ate everything in sight because well, "When in Rome, eat like a pig". The food was seriously delicious: Pasta, gelato and REPEAT. But instead of moderately enjoying, I went hog wild. Sooo...I went back down again eventually but the trigger was pulled. And then I thought I was invincible and started eating little bits of this and of that and then bigger bits and well, you get the picture. Anyway: This.cannot.go.on.

In the here and now: So I'm making a renewed commitment to myself and to you, dear blog readers to lose these dreaded 18 pounds in 10 weeks. See? I'm not being completely unrealistic, that's roughly 2 pounds a week. That seems fair enough doesn't it? I've been trying and failing for the last 2 months and I figured, why not try a new tactic and hold myself publicly accountable? Yup, I'm even posting before and after and hopefully and after that looks like the before photo. Go big to get small! Let it all HANG OUT! no matter how humiliating.

Will you join me? Heck, even if you don't, will you cheer me on? I need to feel like I'm running a marathon (which I most certainly will NOT be running), so anyone with towels, cups of water, huge signs that say "Go Jenn. You can do it!" are more than welcome to line the roadway to the finish line. And any tips, keeping in mind my dedication and belief in Atkins (for me) are welcome.

Weight in my blissful days: 68 kilos, 149 pounds

Weight before Christmas: 73.5 kilos, 162 pounds

Weight now (hold off on the drum roll, don't know if I can take it): 76.4 kilos, 168.4 pounds. Yes I realize you feel jipped with no photo but I haven't let hubby near me with the camera really and I was also looking for pics that showed the full enchilada, not just my face cuz that wouldn't be fair.

Weight by mid Aprilish: 68 kilos, 149 pounds (oooo, maybe I could recreate that photo of my up on the mountain this summer?!)

Cue Rocky music...


septembermom said...

You're a beauty no matter what! I'm with you Jenn. I know that you can do this!

Hyacynth said...

You can do this!! Here's a motto I give my girls:
Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels! We all use it and love and then lose it!

OK, week one weigh in for me is 169.

I'm committing to four days a week at Curves, which is combined cardio and strength training, and that makes for optimal fat-buring and metabolism boost. And I'm aiming to keep my sugar intake (all just added useless calories) before 24 grams.

What are you doing, Jenn? Great idea!

Young Mamma said...

Apparently I'm going to be a comment whore- I just lost 10 lbs in 2 months with NO cardio and following (loosely) the Game On! Diet and doing pilates for 20 min. 3-5 days a week. Thats more weight than I have lost total in the two and a half years since having my son, and i did the diet with 3 of my friends and fiance and we all lost between 10 and 18 lbs in 8 week so you should google Game On! Diet

Den said...

GO JENN!!! So proud of you going for your goal & sharing all this here...
I'm struggling with joining the weigh-in thing tho. For me it's never really been about points on a scale - it's been about the way my body looks and feels. I was amazed that 2 years ago when I felt the best I had for years, had a tummy I wasn't constantly sucking in, had toned curves not floppy, saggy ones etc, etc - I barely weighed less than I had at my fattest times. Anyway, I'm with you and I will share my scary (for me) weight here... 67 kilos... but my weigh-in updates may be a little unconventional! I'm going to focus on: EATING SLOWLY (one of 5 kids growing up, I rushed my food & still do - it's my worst habit & means I eat more than I need because I haven't given my body a chance to feel full); DRINKING MORE WATER; TUM EXERCISES (I do lots of CV stuff just grafting on the land but results for me come with stomach crunches & core stability stuff using weights).
Feeling a little daunted now (esp as I have a string of social engagements ahead which all involve food) but hey, it's never a good time is it so let's go for it!

Just Me said...

I'm in! :)
I'm working on my weight as well. I've gained weight twice in my life, both pregnancies. Never at any other time on my life. Yet I could never loose it either *sigh*
Went from 110lb to 170lb with first and up to 200lb with 2nd.
So I am working on loosing it. Never found the key before till I tried that Metabolic Typing.(figues what type of food your body is more keen towards, like Atkins diet works for people who need more protien.) Doing it loosely, but my weight is going down. I'm around 178lb now. :) My scale needs a new battery, but I am working on that. I tend to type my kilos on my blog, it is the number next to my subject. I kinda hide it there for my sake, but I will join in. We need all the support we can get!
Best Wishes.

SwedishJenn said...

Oh guys! Warming my heart you all are by sharing and supporting and proclaiming and joining. This is one of THE big subjects for us women, isn't it? In addition to my own, sort of split personality voice, I now have all of yours in the back of my brain egging me on. Will write more on THIS in a post after the little man has gone down for the evening and I have some "me" time. But xoxoxo to all of you in the meantime!

Anonymous said...

I should really do this "with" you, God knows I need to lose 18 lbs too... But as I write this I have a jar of nutella in hand, with a spoon stuck into it...uh-oh!
Best of luck!

Mon said...

Your tits look great in the 2nd photo! lmao

Just take it easy on yourself. GO FOR IT, but don't feel down if you don't lose 2lbs every week, 'kay. Our bodies are not machines.