Friday, July 17, 2009

Stalking Will Ferrell

Sweden is cool. No doubt about it. Cool people (fashionable blondes bicycling around Stockholm), cool scenery (The Archipelegos), cool history (The Vikings!), cool social system (free healthcare and post-secondary education anyone?), cool holidays (Midsummer and the most public holidays probably in any country in the world), cool candy ("Bilar", translation: Cars; slogan: "the most purchased car in Sweden"). I could go on.

But I just found out one of the coolest, most hilarious dudes on the planet "summers" in Sweden, just outside of Stockholm. And no, it's not Tiger Woods, who married a beautiful Swede (he's on the golf course..duh). It's the star of Old School, the originator of the words, "More Cow Bell!", the founder of the website Funny or Die! and my favourite, The Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy).

Will Ferrell married a Swede, Viveca Paulin and aptly named his two sons the ultimate of Swedish names, Magnus and Mattias. He's quoted often saying his favourite place is his summer cottage in Gnesta, Sweden.

My mission this summer: Visit this town and find Will Ferrell.

Ok, that's "stalkerish" and although I'm a fan, I won't be found hunched over in the bushes with a pair of binoculars or casually strolling past, with my camera or have my car/bicycle/limb randomly break down in front of his cottage.

But I will be on the lookout for a random sighting next time I'm in Stockholm because he's one of the cool things in Sweden.
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