Sunday, November 15, 2009

Right Now

Right now, I would trade...
1. Our day at the Dinosaur exhibit, to watch my toddler frolick on the beach a mere 10-minute stroll from our home
2. Real bacon for a plate of cevap (Yugoslav sausage...yum).
3. Frequent car trips through big box store parks for a stroll around a charming, war-stained old town
4. This damp, rainy, persistently gray city for the rainy season and torrential downpours in a small seaside town
5. My brewed 100% Columbian for a cup of cooked Serbian sludge at friend Connie's
6. An overpriced cocktail for a shot of homemade rekija
7. A perfectly ripened cucumber for a tomato that tastes like...a tomato
8. My 2-story house for my old mould-infested apartment
9. My son's Montessori school for an afternoon with his Nanny.
10. The reserved faces of blonde stone that surround me for the tall dark-haired beauty at the local grocer who greets my family by name.
11. Online banking for paper bills and almost no bills at all!
12. Movie theaters with popcorn for badly-copied DVDs for 2 euro and all the time in the world to watch them
13. "Normal pizza" for soggy-crusted wanna-be pizza smothered in ketchup
14. McDonalds, Thai, sushi and the choice of every ethnic or not-so-ethnic cuisine under the sun for a multi-course, homemade, slaved-over-for-days feast prepared lovingly by dear friends in a small cozy apartment.
Right now, I would trade Sweden for Montenegro in a heart beat....Though tomorrow, I could very well change my mind.


H F W said...

You're making me miss Montenegro, and I've never even been there!!!
I'm so sorry it's been such a hard change. Maybe, though, one day, you'll find yourself looking back as Sweden fondly as you grow new memories with your son. It's funny how that's happened to me with certain places and things.

SwedishJenn said...

Hi HFW. You know, there are so many wonderful things about Sweden including my son's fabulous Montessori school but we are so lonely here compared to the love and genuine friendship that embraced us in Montenegro. As the old saying goes, "you don't know what you have until it's gone."

Den said...

Hey you. Just catching up with all your news - sorry haven't stopped by your blog for a while, usual excuses... Anyway, I'm here now! And found this post... I could probably do a post the other way around - "I would love to be in Sweden now because.." but it's that 'grass is always greener' trip isn't it? I hope by now you are finding things to love about Sweden again - remember how the mould really freaked you out! What's the deal with the move? Is it hubby's job??? Anyway - hope it goes smoothly and you & the big & little guy get settled again soon. Hugs X

SwedishJenn said...

Hey Den. Thanks for stopping in. I'm a terrible blogger really. I go crazy, then stop, etc. But I always look forward to reading your blog posts the most (see above for some of the reasons). And yes, it really is "grass is always greener". And imagine, here I am wanting my mould! The big thing we're missing here is the friendship, kinship and all the love. You two are prime examples of that. xo

Anonymous said...

Well, hej! I've been reading your blog occasionally, just realised from a couple of comments that you are also in Uppsala? Cos I was working at the Dinosaur Day last Sunday! I hope you had fun there, despite the lack of a beach.

SwedishJenn said...

Hej rinse!!!!! We were there on Sunday!!! Where were you working? The little guy had a great time as did we. The work they put into the activities and the translations was great. It was typical Swedish: organized. But in the moments I wrote this post, I would have traded that day for a day at the beach in Herceg Novi :-). Welcome rinse!

Anonymous said...

I was on the desk upstairs, handing out activity sheets and signing certificates for the children. I'm glad you enjoyed it, it sure beat being outside!

SwedishJenn said...

Then we met Rinse. Our son completed the activity game (ok, his parents did) and we got a signed certificate to prove we met. Not that you would remember us going through with all the traffic but Small world or what?!

Tod said...

Among all you mentioned that reserved blonds is the one that really killing me . Maybe because of the situation that i'm trapped in. :(

Tod said...

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bathmate said...

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