Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hockey starts tomorrow

Yup, he's 3 and tomorrow he will be ingratiated (sp?) into the world of hockey and me into the world of Hockey Moms. Hubby hooked up with a fellow co-worker who runs the Uppsala Young Hockey Club and even though the age for entry is 5 the men convinced themselves that our son could possibly participate. How, I'm not sure. I mean, seriously, he's 3!

So last night we got skates and a helmet and tonight hubby is taking us out for elbow and knee pads. He's 3!

I tried to warn hubby not to expect much. Did I mention he's only 3?! But he's excited for this bonding time on the ice and since hockey blood courses through his veins, why shouldn't the little man hit the ice as early as possible?

And then the little man picks up a stick and ball at the store last night and starts chasing the ball around with said stick. To hubby, this was a proud moment and sure sign we have a young Gretzy in the making. Uhmmmm...So here we go...

Maybe he'll be #3?


septembermom said...

Wouldn't it be cool to have a young Gretzky in your house? My oldest son (12) is a HUGE hockey fan! We talk hockey all day. I'm hoping that he'll get on a team next year. He knows the game, but still has to learn how to "hockey skate". He's determined.

I wish your little "Great One" lots of luck!!

H F W said...

It is wonderful to hear about the bonding between your little guy and his daddy. So many dads don't get involved; what a wonderful way for your guy to learn a new sport with the support of his dad!

SwedishJenn said...

Thanks to both of you for your encouragement. I'm a nervous Mommy but more than that, I'm afraid super excited hubby with super high expectations might be a little dissapointed
:-(. We'll see how it goes today. Expensive hockey equipment: check. Super excited Dad: check. Nervous Mommy: check. Unexpecting toddler: check.