Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesdays: Week 2

Well team, technically it's Tuesday but our big move is tomorrow so I gotta post tonight (my time). And dang it, I packed away the scale so we'll just have to go with 2 lbs down so 75.3 kilos, 166lbs.

What have I been doing? Now I haven't been REALLY cheating. A couple of candies here and there and a few swigs of fruit juice in a hurry never killed anybody, right? The killer for me has been to actually find time to EAT. I likely would have been down a couple more pounds if it weren't for the constant skipping of breakfasts this past week but that's only because of all this moving chaos. So I have a valid excuse, right?

Exercise? How's schlepping heavy boxes and being off my ass more than on it? It counts. By bedtime, my eyes are closed before my head hits the pillow.

My next challenge will be once I've settled in to our new home. I'll have no excuses to NOT find and stick with an exercise regime AND I'll no longer be able to walk to the little man's school so will be bussing it on the days hubby has the car in Stockholm. So I'm really gonna have to make time for something substantial.

Exercise works for me when there's no way around it (ie. when hubby has the car and I'm forced to walk a few kms/miles). I cannot "go to the gym". First off, the time it takes to actually haul my arse and stuffs there, work out and haul it all back, well, I just don't have that kind of time. Sure wish I did. Hold on a minute, that's a defeatist attitude if I've ever heard one! Maybe I will have to make time. Maybe hubby will have to realize I'm serious about this and give me the time. I've heard serious health coaches say, "You always have time to exercise. You have to make time." Any suggestions on things I can do from home though?

I'm hoping by Thursday morning, I'll have some bacon and eggs cooking on the stove and maybe, just maybe, a Get Started exercise regime.

Here's a fun little add-on to our weekly weigh-in. How about posting an Inspiration Pic? It could be of you in your slenderer (yup, made that word up) days or perhaps of someone else. Mine takes me back to the Summer of 2007, little man and I on the beach in Herceg Novi. Look at that muscle in my thigh! I swear I do not know where that came from. I think maybe it was always there, just hidden under a few layer of uhmmm...insulation? See? I was no skeleton. Still have some meat but am able to wear a bikini sans wrap! Take me back there!

How about you all? What's been working for you? What are you eating/avoiding? Any tips or advice for the rest of us?


Den said...

I have just munched 2 coconut bomb thingys and watched in dismay as your post came up on my rss feed - A DAY EARLY!

The game WAS to put ON 2lb a week right?

Err - mmm - as per my blog, things didn't get off to a great start what with: 2 curry nights on the trot; an impromptu wedding & wedding party; a hangover & too wasted to face the shop = eat food left over from the party the next day; Monday - stinking cold; today - my moon time. Aargh!

On the plus side I DID do an hour's exercise this week - gentle CV, weights and lots of core stability/ tum stuff and I did dance my tits off for HOURS on Saturday night. Also the snotty cold has meant I have been drinking litres & litres of water, so apart from the aforementioned balls of sugar & coconut I have been de-toxing for 2 days.

I'm not even going to weigh myself right now - I did warn you its not about points on a scale for me - but I could feel worse about myself. Check out my blog for pictures of me, looking not too bad (well, apart from the pink wig!): www.full-monte.com/blog
Can't figure out how to insert a picture here - probably another Wordpress/ Blogger incompatibility thing!

Good job you with your 2lbs off... Go girl.

Re: exercise at home... I have a fit ball, which is fab for stretches & sit ups and core stability stuff and a small set of hand weights. I have a small area of space up on the top terrace on which I lay a yoga mat and I just do my thing. It's FAB. It can last as long or as short as you have time for. I love removing myself upstairs to 'do my exercises'.

See you here next Wednesday. Please give me a hard time if I come up with a bunch more excuses next week...


Hyacynth said...

Good job! Two pounds is great! I'm the same weight. Got a nasty illness last night so haven't been into work to weigh.
OK, here's the health coach and nutritionist in me:
Make time to eat. You're going to crash your metabolism. It's priority. Make yourself do it. Research says after 30 days of cutting calories, you need metabolic recovery -- so up those calories up to 2000 for about two weeks. If you start gaining, go back down to the 1200 to 1500. Know it sounds crazy, but trust me. Curves has $5 million invested in it.
Here's a motto I tell my ladies in the Biggest Loser program. "If I want to be healthy, exercise is NOT an option." Say it a few times out loud. That's how we internalize life changes.
My favorite home workouts. Free weights for 30 second invervals and keeping your heartrate up by walking in place every other 30 seconds for 30 minutes.

Juni said...

aww I'm also wanting to lose a few pounds (12) I put on after my ex and I broke up one year ago. I'm finding it really hard for a couple reasons. 1) I don't feel like giving up anything :) hahah and 2) the greatest exercise tape I've ever had and one that helped me lose weight easily years ago, seems to be completely useless to me now. It's just that my body is 'used' to it and I can't even work up a sweat with it now. On the other hand, maybe you could use it? The Power 90 it is called, that guy has done a number of more recent versions, but I loved this version. You pop it in at home and away you go :)

Exercise is great but I've found I never lose weight unless it's combined with reduced calories.

Good luck on your weight loss :)

Young Mamma said...

I've said it before but PILATES! Before that I had tried Everything to lose the 40 lbs I gained during the pragnancy: aerobics classes, taebo, ellipticals, indoor rock climbing, stair master, biking, and Nothing really did too much- but a month on pilates and I've dropped a size in jeans which I haven't done in the 2 and a half years since baby. Good job on the 2 lbs!!

septembermom said...

Continued good luck Jenn! You're doing great! I'm not doing too good with avoiding my desserts. I better come here often for inspiration!

LostInTraslation...Literally said...

hey jen!!

okay so i've offically started, thanks to your inspiration! :)

Im sure you've heard of TURBO JAM. Those videos are GOLD, seriously. amazing stuff. you'll be sore all over after ONE try!!Do some Tai chi or Pilates after as well, mabye a walk( i acutally used to do this everyda god knows what happened)
Im going to start those as soon as im back in my apartment! :)
For now, trying to eat healthy.

like they say Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a peasant!

Good luck doll! :D

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