Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesdays: Week #3

Whose stupid idea was this anyway? That would be mine...sigh.

Ok, it's not THAT bad but damn, it shoulda been way better. I am the founder of this little blog sorta carnival thingy aren't I? I should be leading, with force, showing you all how it's done. Right? I've been searching high and low for my light saber. I seriously believe its absence has been hampering my mission to full-bodied greatness.

And no, I did not eat that donut. Not because it wasn't calling out to me from the plate on the table. But because my husband got to it first. I still consider this a victory.

I no longer have the excuse of the "Big Move" to the new digs as we're pretty much all settled in. I'll tell ya though. My body was on overdrive last week. I.did.not.stop. And boy did I feel it for days afterwards. Like slamming on the brakes going 100 kms/hour (or miles for you American readers). So, you see, I am capable. So today I sat here kinda looking around going, "Now what?"

I love that quote that goes something like this: "Insanity is doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results." I gotta make some serious lifestyle changes starting tomorrow. Ok, no, not starting tomorrow. Tomorrow is Swedish/Swimming lessons day. See, there I go again with the excuses. Tomorrow it is. But best to start off small right? How about this? When the little man gets home from scratch that. When I get home from Swedish lessons, I will haul my ass outside and walk somewhere, anywhere. Nah, scratch that. I WILL unearth my YouTube exercise video, get down on all fours and do some leg lifts, etc. There: Lifestyle change #1.

So my weight has stayed the same, 74.2 kilos...still down the four pounds, 2 kilos. Let's kick it up a notch this week. How about everyone makes one small lifestyle change, for the better. So picking up smoking as a means to avoid another handful of jellybeans is sooo not an option. My little lifestyle change will be have that tight-assed YouTube fitness instructor show me whose boss. And it's not me. It's her.

How about you? Will you be switching from whole milk to skim, eating an orange instead of drinking a glass of OJ, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, eating instead of skipping brekky? Do share.


Den said...

Hi Jenn. Aww - don't be so hard on yourself, you're doing great. 4 whole pounds is not be sniffed at honey.
Had a pretty good week overall. Had 3 really great extended exercise sessions this week - on Saturday morning it was even sunny so i did laps round the top terrace. That's 450 sit ups for me this week and I feel grrreat!
Drinking loads of water & slowing my eating down a lot (tonight I ate with chopsticks to force slow, concentrated eating!). I've still eaten more naughty stuff than I should have but I'm blaming that on the weedy ciggy and resultant munchies... Experience tells me that OVERALL healthy eating with the odd treat along the way is better for me than eating like a saint (i.e. unrealistically for me!). When I've done that before and 'fallen off the waggon' I've binged more and then capitulated too easily.
I'm eating a lot less meat & separating my carbs & proteins.
So, no more goals for me, I have enough. the challenge is to just keep doing what I'm doing... if I can keep all this up I'll be really happy.
How's your new place? X

LostInTraslation...Literally said...

gefus jen! you're still doing better than me! ><
I wish I was as determined as you.I, sadly, have more of a negative report this Wednesday. I also keep making excuses that i KNOW i can go around, but for some reason I'm just not doing that.
I must start turbo jamming it up !!!!
like you, i have my own weird way of taking care of my wobbly bits. hahahahaha

*tomorrow* i will 1 hour of turbo jam and go out for a walk after school. good advice :)
but then... at night.. theres this partyy... CRAP.

SwedishJenn said...

@Den: Way to go! You're an inspiration and I agree, we all need to indulge once in awhile. For me, I've been indulging too often and without actually deserving it, which what's holding me back. Still haven't started with the youtube vid yet but am thinking tonight after the boy goes to bed.
@LOST: We sooo need to trade social lives. And Go Turbo Jam!

Hyacynth said...

OK 168 this week, so down a pound, I suppose.

All right, ladies, repeat after me:
"Nothing tastes as good as healthy/thin feels." Now say it aloud. Seriously. It's been a huge turning point for me and most of my ladies at the club when they say it outloud and with conviction.

Do they have a Curves in Sweden? There are Curves in Pakistan for crying out loud, so there's got to be one in Sweden. It doesn't get much simplier or less time consuming than a 30 minute workout that works every one of your major muscle groups.

If anyone wants to talk nutrition, you know how to find me, and I'm open to helping! How many weeks do we have left, Jenn?

SwedishJenn said...

"Nothing tastes as good as healthy/thin feels." I have also said it out loud. can you hear me Hyacynth?

I am sure they have Curves here. Will check it out. Weeks left? uhmmmm...20? No...Geesh..I will calculate and have it in my next post for sure.

BTW, still no exercise but plan to change that soon, I hope. I have a very good excuse though. But my excuse is kinda icky to share with the blogosphere..ha!

septembermom said...

I have to make some healthy food choices. Every time I visit your blog for these updates, I kick myself (gently) for not doing more to help myself be healthier. Thanks Jenn.

Just Me said...

I still don't have a new battery for my scale. Can't find one anywhere. I think it is a scam of the scale company to sale a scale with the most unique battery ever. So in the end you give up and just buy a new scale.
Either way... I have been getting compliments since I did weigh myself last that I look a lot thinner. So I will just go ont hat for now and say I have lost some weight. :)

Hyacynth said...

I heard you all the way over here. :)