Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 9 of 10 or 9 of 15?

Can't believe we're a week away and I'm at 74 (down .6 from my usual, despite a long weekend of wine consumption and a bowl of pasta). But I'm happy because the past 2 weeks have seen me enter the world of exercise thanks to the new neighbour friend.

She is relentless. A walk with her is 1 hour of torture. And if I didn't have her to spur me on? I'd be out for 30 minutes at half pace and wondering why my butt didn't feel tighter. So Thank God for Peppy her!

I am shaping up and it's forcing me to be all the more regimented with my eating habits so yay! Ok, except when we have company and I am forced to make the one thing I'm really good at making, pasta sauce, and am then forced to eat actual pasta with the sauce cuz I didn't make enough meatballs and I would look stupid eating just a bowl of tomato sauce.

We received a request from Den to prolong Weigh-In Wednesday. To be fair to the sanctity of this weekly blog carnival-type thingy and to be fair to those of us who want more time, I have decided in my infinite wisdom to be fair and extend Weigh-In Wednesday by an additional 5 weeks. See? Fair is 50/50. An additional 10 weeks would be unfair to the sanctity. But 5 weeks? 5 weeks is fair to sanctity and to us losers ("losers" referring to weight loss, not the kids that get relentlessly picked on in school, poor kids).

Oh and 5 weeks is perfectly timed for bikini season!

So, next week will be Week 10 of 10 and the following week we'll start at Week 1 of 5. OR, we could make this Week 9 of 15? Nah....

Let's ROCK IT Ladies.


Den said...

Hey Jenn - great to hear you are walking yourself fit!

Right then another 6 weeks in total to get shape up and get this sorted.

I don't know about you, but having made good progress and then taken a few steps back, I am liking the me that kept moving and didn't eat anything in sight much, much more than the other me... I FELT so much better, & I actually want to feel that way more & more.

So, I'm ROCKING with you. I did a good hours+ exercise session this morning with all the sit ups that tone my tum so well and the light bulb moment for me this week was: EAT LESS.

I was brought up to eat everything on my plate; 'waste not, want not' etc and I'm always generous in my portions. So now I put less on my plate, chew the hell out of it and stop when I'm full, even if that means a less-than-clean plate.

So far, so good. No idea of my weight but I feel good.

Let's do this!

LostInTraslation...Literally said...


I think weight loss for me will be a perpetual thing, I'm always fluctuating ( like now). I lost 6 kg, my ass got small( finally) yet it inflated again this week). hmmmm. O_O

i haven't worked out in 2 weeks. I plan on doing it this week though.

You got me to do this in the first place! you go girl! i admire you :)