Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend WAJs

Mood: Overwhelmed but committed
Did not forget about you guys or my commitment to US. Just been a crazy, busy weekend trying to juggle little man with an obscene amount of work. I stuck to my diet, well sorta. See, I didn't cheat necessarily but I think I'm consuming more carbs than I should be. Just because I'm forgoing the flour wrap on the chicken fajitas, I'm still having a bit of taco sauce and sour cream (each with very few carbs) but throw in cheese, lettuce, tomato and fried peppers and it's likely a bit too much (for the early phase of Atkins anyway). And hot dogs for lunch...well that's about 6 grams of carbs or a bit more, so although I'm having no bun, if I have salmon with salad and some homemade sour cream/mayo kind sauce, well a bit too many carbs there too.

Seriously though, not a single morsel of the bad stuff...just need to pay more attention to the good stuff is all. I haven't weighed myself in awhile because even with the exercise, I'm not feeling any lighter. So I'd like to wait until this Wednesday to see if I need to make any changes to the regime.

Since I last checked in, I only skipped one night of exercise, which was last night. But I got back at the YouTube vids tonight. I'm feeling good folks. Though I will keep track every weekday, from Mon-Fri, I will only post WAJs twice/week (with all days) so as not to overwhelm my blog with them.

Love, Jenn xo


Den said...

Hey you! Admiring your committment right now! You are doing great.

Good luck.

No change from me. Still at 64 and refusing to budge.

Rebecca said...

Don't fret if you feel a little heavy or your clothes get tight - muscles weigh more than fat. If or when you hit a plateau - change your diet in a completely different direction - shocks your metabolism.

Rebecca said...

p.s. I have been doing those butt busters from that youtube vid you follow for only three days and my pants have tightened a little already! I haven't gained weight - it's my ass!'s actually working! lol!

SwedishJenn said...

Thanks Den! And 64 kilos...I'd look like death I believe..ha! Funny how the same weight on you and the same weight on me just isn't the same.

@rebecca: So glad you're coming along on the ride with me. Sunday night and last night, there I was, again...sweating like an oldie. I'm waiting for this great body transformation and I'm pissed it's not coming. Geez, I've been at this for well over a week?! LOL! That was me exercising patience!

Thanks for keeping me company and good to hear about your booty!