Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life lately

Movies meant 3D glasses with an unhealthy does of candy and popcorn. Toy Story 3 was great and worth the carb crash I experienced later that night. My favourite part of the movie was the preview of The Last Airbender...some kid who can bend air I guess and saves mankind? At the end of the trailer, my little man belts out in his loudest voice, "Mommy, I want to be like that boy." The move theater proceeded to erupt in laughter.

Little man has been uhmmm "discovering" his new uhmmm "best friend", uhmmm, you know...the one in his pants. Any advice here? Dad has been saying, "It's not a toy." But uhmmm, it is isn't it? How do we curb this behavior or do we? Advice from folks with older boys? Michelle?

Decided not to head out to the girls' weekend. My reason is purely finance-related to be perfectly honest. If we plan to head home for the holidays AND throw hubby a 50th Birthday Bash, me spending money on outfits both before and during said excurision (not to mention accomodations and meals and drinks), well, I know myself and so this weekend is better left until AFTER Christmas.

Been thinking about starting my own little business. More on that later. A hint: It has to do with Engrish. Yup, EngRish.

Still doing my exercises but with a nasty monthly visit, I've had to postpone to every other night.

Gotta run and figure out what to do today...crappy weather since we returned.


septembermom said...

Well, I do think it is a toy too :) My boys all went through that phase. I used to say, "It's not an amusement park down there."

I'm interested to hear about your little business ideas.

Michelle said...

I learned all about this particular "toy" from my nephew so by the time I had a boy myself, I was prepared. I realize I open myself up to all sorts of negative comments and nay-sayers when I say this, but one of my biggest pet peeves about children is when little boys play with themselves in public and the parent is standing there smiling, oblivious (or perhaps accepting) of what is going on. I'm not saying its wrong, I just think its something that is best saved for the privacy of one's bathroom, or whatever. Much like picking their noses: we all know they do it, but do we let them in public? No way!

My son began showing interest in his when he was still in diapers so I was very quick to stomp all over that. I can't count how many times I said, "Hands out of your pants Owen." Seriously. But he learned and when he got older I told him that has to stay a private thing. I asked my husband why little boys do that and he answered simply, " feels good." At my disgusted face he quickly reinerated that at that age is not a sexual thing, of course, but rather like how a backscratch feels really good. Lots of nerve endings and it feels nice. Ok, I could accept that. It was all good for a while then a few years later he started it again and I got after him. He said, "But Mom, its sticking to me!" and just as I was about to give it to him, his dad walks in and says, "It does. Give the kid a break." So we talked about different kinds of undies and found a pair that helped in that department.

So, my advice is this: find out why he is doing it. Is it pure curiosity and exploration or is he maybe uncomfortable? I know for sure it is very common and natural, but I for one feel it is important to discourage the public displays. Once again I'm sure I'll get blasted for that, but I do believe there are certain behaviors that are simply not polite to flaunt in front of others and that it is our job as parents to teach them what they are and when they are appropriate.

Hope that helps!

Hyacynth said...

Hehe. I agree with Kelly. It IS kind of a toy.
We tell G. that it's not something he should touch or examine while he's around other people because it's a private part of his body. It's worked so far.

Monica said...

it's just another body part. only we make it shameful. and trust me, it's not just boys. give a girl a chance to be nekked and she'll explore as well.
it's healthy self-exploration. at an age when you feel they'll get it, we can ask them not to do it in public.

heck adult men can keep doing it!

excited about your business idea.