Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas?

Not sure sure about that. I checked the flight prices...almost $3000 for us to fly from Sweden to Toronto and I have serious doubts the prices are going down...if anything they'll go up. Considering I paid about half that amount this time last year to book our flights. And in further comparison, I spent less than this amount for all of us to fly to Montenegro AND pay for an apartment for 3 weeks.

We were really hoping to make it home for the holidays but this seems out of our reach right now. When we originally moved overseas, we were guaranteed 2 trips home/year...paid. But since we moved to Sweden, we've had to finance these trips ourselves. Besides selling a vital organ, I really don't  know how we're going to swing it.

And it's a depressing reality. We're missing our families dearly and the thought of spending the holidays, here, alone, well....Yes, we have each other and we should be grateful for that. And we are. Especially this being Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.

On that note, Thank you. Thank you God for our continued good health, a roof over our heads, and all the usual. And thank you for showing me this weekend just how much we truly love our families and how much of a sacrifice we continue to make.


Hyacynth said...

Jenn, I love that you have a thankful spirit even when things may not go as you'd like. I do hope, however, that you guys are able to swing making it home. I know what it's like for the heart to ache for family. It's so hard.

Den said...

Oh Jenn. Feeling for you right now... It's tough being away from your heart home and family for so long. We too won't make it back to family this Xmas. Let's hope the loved ones around us and the brighter future we're both fighting for will see us through. Sending you a hug... X

SwedishJenn said...

Thanking you both for your kind words and support :-)