Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year and News

Now that I'm back and away from the hustle and bustle, joy and pain of our 3-week holiday "home" in Canada, I thought I'd get back into the swing of bloggyland with an Update Post. Some short (for me) words on what's been going on:

The Holiday: In a word: emotional. It was such a wonderful time seeing hubby's son, our parents and extended family. It was just what we all needed, some three-on-everyone time. Truly made us appreciate how important family and friends are. Our little man truly relished every moment, no matter how different, loud, crazy and unscheduled things were. He truly rolls with the punches this kid. He's an amazing little traveller and as I always say, "The best part of every trip". From sitting on Santa's knee to reading to my sis-in-law's two dogs to running around with his cousin Luke to snowshoeing, skating, sledding and helping Nana with the laundry, he soaked it all up. It really was all about the kids and it was great.

Forgiveness: I'm sure you remember my post from a month back about the friend I apologized to after 10+ years? Well she did write me back folks and apart from being absolutely shocked and confused about what motivated me to apologize after so many years, she was her usual, kindhearted self and accepted my apology. Her reply was candid, honest and rather generous. I don't know that we'll continue our friendship but I do know that I'm glad I reached out and did the right thing.

Itchy Hives: No sooner had we spent the first night in my Aunt's gorgeous but extremely dry home in Northern Ontario, than I broke out in a mad case of what I think are hives. Now I do have a history of mild ezcema, but this outbreak took the cake. Almost like "bites" but not quite. I'm still taking benadryl but it's not as bad as it was, where it was keeping me up at night. Apart from the very dry air or perhaps the stress of having my Mom around, I haven't the foggiest where they came from. I think a trip to the doc is in order.

Shopping: Couldn't believe the prices of everything as compared to the prices of everything here. Couldn't resist overspending and overpacking a bit and feeling rather guilty that I didn't do more. Just no time. Can't believe I forgot the essentials: Kraft Peanut Butter and Old Tyme Maple Syrup.

Jet Lag: It's amazing. We adjust in NO TIME when we land but coming back is altogether opposite. Little man only slept for 2 hours on the 12-hour trip back and after getting him to bed around 7pm local time, he was up between 12 and 2:30am and slept in until 11:30am Saturday morning! Same thing again last night! I'm still kicking myself for not setting the alarm this morning and am wondering how I'm gonna manage to get him up for school at 7am if he pulls the "I'm wide awake and ready to party" again tonight.

Homeless: We are STILL looking for a place to live for the end of February and time is running out. After months of searching, I finally found a great place but the posting went up on Friday, I responded Saturday and still haven't heard back. Getting pretty stressed about this. Demand seems far greater than supply.

Well that's about all for now. Will likely come back in a few days to expand on one or more of the above topics.

Happy New Year Everyone! SJ


Den said...

Hey Jenn - Great to hear all your news. So happy that you have stocked up on the family love... Interesting about the hives - sounds like a physical manifestation of a lot of emotions/ stress to me so go easy on the doctore stuff maybe... I'm betting all the time you have no place to live sorted and no real 'home' (sounds like a bigger issue than just finding a 'house') you ain't gonna kick those hives so go gently. X

SwedishJenn said...

Hey Den. I'm so surprised that I'm this, well, "sensitive". I mean, I don't FEEL horribly stressed out but yet, I'm itching all over. I'm still kinda blaming the extremely cold and dry weather, from Canada to Sweden, but it's kinda hard to ignore everyone shouting "stress". I'll give it some time though. Thanks for writing Den, Jenn x

Mark Base said...

Nice blog! Keep it up, dear fellow Canuck :)

SwedishJenn said...

Hey, thanks Mark Base. Not much to look at but one of my resolutions is to get on hubby's back so he'll pretty er' up for me.

Mark Base said...

Hey - thanks for the visit (and comment).
I've joined that Froggy thing now too.
Hurrah, etc.

Hyacynth said...

I'm so glad you gave an update about what happened after you sent the appology e-mail. And I'm so glad she accepted the appology.

Mon said...

Man, those hives really suck.

So happy to hear the little guy 'rolled with the punches', not that I'm suprised.
Would have been nice, considering we are travellers, to have been assigned a travelling kiddo too.... lol

Hope to hear the new place issue is sorted out soon. ??

septembermom said...

Glad the holidays went well. Sorry to hear about the hives. That must have been terrible.

Hope a new place shows up for you soon :)