Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well up yours too Swedish chick

There's this mother at my son's school that I feel really dislikes me. I have no clue why this pierced, tatted, short and slightly stocky grunge queen has it in for me, but I'm convinced she does.

I must've made the mistake of saying something untoward, ignorning her in general parental conversation while waiting outside for the kiddies one day or perhaps she's not a big fan of my bubbly, English-talking "American-ness" (even though I'm Canadian). Like maybe I put her off with my appearance:

Showing up to drop/off pick up my son sporting:
- sweat pants & sometimes matching sweat top
- ratty sneakers
- un-did hair, could be on the greasy side
- badly coloured hair (though this has since changed thanks to a trip to Canada)
But hey, I usually always have a smile. Didn't Annie sing that "you're never fully dressed without a smile!"?

Once I noticed this woman's demeanor of complete dismissal and disinterest, I've made it my pseudo-mission to engage her. You know, by smiling directly AT her, trying to engage her in conversations, etc. FAIL. She paints her face with one of those grins that says, "I'm only half trying to put a smile on my face out of politeness and I realize I'm doing a half-ass job but i don't give a flying F, because well, I just don't like you."

And today, as we passed each other, I tried to hold her gaze and I forced the biggest, friendliest, American-type smile I could muster (complete with yesterday's mascara running down my eyelashes). Ok, so she obviously saw me coming a mile away. Me and my new bright red, but very Swedish, winter jacket. Me with equally bright FUSHIA jogging pants on. Yup, major colour clash. Me with these awesome rubber-type, hard-core winter boots I picked up in Canada (that i have to walk funny in because they give me blisters). I am the ANTI her. But I thought opposites attracted?

Anyway...She just stared at me with this, "I really don't give a hoot about you or that you're trying to befriend me. I don't like you. And on top of that, I'm Swedish and we Swedes are not required to engage in polite conversation or even smile if we choose not to."

Yup. Score: -2 for Team Fushia, +1Million for G.I. Jane

I am the type of person that cares what people think and hates the thought of someone potentially not liking me. Though I do realize that there are people out there who don't. You either fall into two camps with me: 1. That Jenn, she is so friendly and funny and chatty and loveable or 2. That Jenn, she drives me insane with her fake, over-the-top personality. What an obnoxious BIT#%. At least that's what I believe.

Can I do a conversion, from Camp #2 to Camp #1? Let the X Games begin (well because she would definitely be a fan of the X-Games. The Olympics are too mainstream for her)...


Hyacynth said...

Oh, you are soo funny with your GI Jane references! lol.
But, seriously, I'm guessing that she probably isn't a big fan of herself from your description. It's probably not you.
Also, I was so glad for your comment about why you blog. I love knowing why other people do what they do because it just speaks volumes.

SwedishJenn said...

Here I am wondering, "Who the heck is Hyacynth"? And it's you HFW! And here I was all excited that I had a new But you're my favourite follower (and yes, I do say to ALL my followers). ha! Thanks for the comment and looking forward to your next post!

Mon said...

chuckle, she doesn't know what's coming!

Seriously though, why don't people have the right to dislike you? Without that, being liked becomes meaningless.

Jesus, Princess Diana, Ghandi... all had enemies. Think yourself in good company.

septembermom said...

That lady needs to get a grip! GI Jane step back a bit!

SwedishJenn said...

Well of course people have the right to dislike me Mon. I also have the right to hate being disliked..ha! I will convert her though. I have to. It's my new mission. Well apart from praying for the Haitians of course.

Eva said...

I'm glad to have found this! I'm an American about to move to Sweden with my three-year-old little girl, and I'm quite concerned about making friends. I'm very social and I keep hearing Swedes are not, and we're not even going to be in a big city! I could'n't find your email address on this site but I wanted to write! eva at alumni dot brown dot edu