Thursday, March 11, 2010

My 100th Post!

How cool is this? I just realized it. Wasn't keeping track until I saw that big #99 staring at me when I logged in. Now, how to celebrate? I think I'll take a page from Mon's book and do a 100 Random Things About Me Post. Oh and I should take this opportunity to thank her for encouraging me to start blogging. Hers was the first blog I'd ever visited, apart from (yes, I just freely admitted that...for shame!).
100 Random Things About Me
1. I have no idea how I'm gonna make it to 100 random things.
2. I've had 3 dogs in my life: Buster, Boomer and Dobber. I will never have another and will be content loving everyone else's mutt. Too much heartbreak.
3. Hubby is 16 years older than me and Newsflash: Age DOES matter. But in more good ways than bad. Like, I never would have discovered Led Zeppelin, Monty Python or Love Story!
4. I am a chronic procrastinator but am getting much better.
5. I look up to my younger brother. He is my polar opposite in so many ways and we have a richer relationship because of it. Though we get on each other's nerves FAST (or rather, I get on HIS).
6. My 23-year old stepson rocks but he needs a good kick in the arse these days. He's super smart and is a great teacher.
7. I discovered fancy food late in life. Thai, Sushi, Indian. I grew up on meat and potatoes.
8. One of my biggest pet peeves is unnecessary facial hair on women. Seriously ladies, take some wax to that mess of fur.
9. One of my all-time favourite movies is Annie.
10. I spent 2 and a half years in Montenegro. It was the greatest adventure of my life...not counting the 3 year old.
11. My son has more stamps in his passport than most people I know.
12. My son had a nanny for the first 2 and a half years of his life. We were all so spoiled. We love her like family.
13. I'd rather clean the toilet than do the laundry.
14. Moving to Sweden was a bigger culture shock than Montenegro, go figure.
15. I've had the same best friend since I was 10.
16. I've had the opportunity to do a lot of travelling but have yet to set foot inside The Magic Kingdom.
17. I love fried balogne, baloney, balogna..however you spell it, smother some ketchup on it please!
18. I was my high school's Valedictorian.
19. I wish I could play an instrument, the clarinet doesn't count.
20. I'm waiting to meet Will Ferrel. His wife is Swedish, his kids have Swedish names and they have a summer home here in Sweden. We're gonna be bestest buddies one day (stated in my most crazed stalker voice).
21. I once asked a blind guitar player, Jeff Healey, for an autograph and then asked him to make it out to my brother, to which he replied, "You realize I'm blind, right?"
22. I've seen The Rolling Stones in concert three times.
23. I loathe taking the bus anywhere but have relented thanks to a very excited 3-year old.
24. I believe in God and in Jesus but haven't been to church in ages, and I feel bad about that.
25. Some of my most cherished friends were random strangers I met on a beach one day. I spent very little time with them but we tell each other we love each other.
26. I am outgoing, bordering on obnoxious.
27. I.Love.Lamp (only a select few will get this reference)

Ok, I know you were all hoping for 100 but:
28. My mother says I have ADD.

So, in honour of my 100th Blog Post, there are 28 Random Things About Me. I've sure enjoyed getting to know all of you this past year and have really appreciated the following:

1. Reading your amazing blogs and participating in some fun discussions.
2. Your thoughtful comments and support.
3. Your willingness to come back again and again, even though my blog has to be one of the ugliest, most disorganized out there and I really have no THEME (must be the ADD).
God love you all! SwedishJenn xoxo


septembermom said...

Congrats Jenn!! Here's to another 100 posts :) You're so lucky that you saw the Rolling Stones three times. It would be cool to meet Will Ferrell. Who knows? The Healey story did make me laugh. I still need to discover fancy food and I'm a bit older than you :) Enjoy Led Zep!

Mazui said...

>> 14. Moving to Sweden was a bigger culture shock than Montenegro

Probably because you expected Montenegro to be very different and expected Sweden to be almost like home. The worst blows are those one haven't braced oneself for. :)

LostInTraslation...Literally said...

You should do more random things about YOU post!!! they are tremendously fun to read.

I laughed out loud at number 21.
SO something I would do!! :D

Hyacynth said...

Cheers! And I'm expecting another 100. Seriously. Also, I'm never going to stop reading your blog no matter how ADD you claim it is because you write things like number 21 and number 28. EVER! (said in my best stalker voice) ;)

SwedishJenn said...

@Mazui: You are absolutely 100% right. I've just realized that myself. For many reasons, when i found out we were moving to Sweden, I thought I was moving "home". In the sense that I was moving to the kind of wealthy culture I had been accustomed to. But boy oh boy what a slap in the face. Months later, I realized that I had actually left my 2nd home. And months after that, I am starting to see some "Good" in the place I now call home, though am still in a state of shock. Make sense?
@Lost: Embarassingly (I like just made that word up), I have many of these ditties. Glad I'm not the only one.
@SeptemberMom: The Stones have been a given due to the fact that hubby's best friend has seen them almost 100 times. Quite a few others to add to that list but still hoping to Madonna.
@Hyacynth: I checked "click for follow-up comments" on your recent post on baby slings ( and was sooo pleased to see such a positive response and so many links back! That was an amazing public service post you just did.

Mon said...

Aw man, I wanted the full 100. Fun to read. CRING at 21 lol.

8 - one of your biggest pet peeves is something on someone else's body!?
13 - we ought to live side-by-side and swap chores.
15 - lovely
17 - too gross

Congrats on 100!

SwedishJenn said...

@Mon: I guessed most of what you would respond to......ha!

I think we may have had the discussion before about leg hair, I think it was in your 100 list, about how you let it grow in the winter. I think I cringed at that line, and likely gagged a little. And yes, it's true. It's like a phobia or something. Can't explain it.

I also knew the balogna would get you! ;-).

Mazui said...

>> Make sense?

Sure does. What doesn't make sense is the fact that you have married a three year old kind _and_ a 23 year old stepson. :)

Mazui said...

kid. I meant to write "kid".

SwedishJenn said...

@Mazui: Not sure I follow. Did I write something wrong (as in grammar) or are you just amazed at all the ages ;-)?

Mazui said...

From your profile text: "Married with a 3-year old and a 23-year old stepson."

It's probably a combination of my poor understanding of the English language and my childish habit of interpreting things in the worst possible way, but I see three disturbing things in that sentence. The first is bigamy, the second is that one husband is severely under-age, the third is that the second husband is a close relative. :)

Never mind.. I should have learnt long ago to keep musings like that to myself.

SwedishJenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SwedishJenn said...

@Mazui: No! These are just the kind of musings you shouldn't keep to yourself...LOL! There is some bad grammar in that sentence indeed! If I had put a comma (,) after the Married word, it would have been more clear. But it would have been far more disturbing had the "with" been replaced with a "to"..ha! A native English speaker would likely never say, "Married with a..insert rest of sentence", to imply we were married TO those people but still, with no comma, there is definitely some room for misinterpration :-). Thanks for the funny "catch". Gotta figure out how to fix that.

Mazui said...

Thanks for the clarification. Those prepositions(?) are tricky.

I feel a bit sorry for those who have to learn Swedish grammar. :) I find it more haphazard than English.

Anonymous said...

congratz and keep up with the blogging
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