Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 4 of 10

Yup, we're almost at the halfway mark and I'm still 14 pounds shy of my goal weight..sigh. Still down 4. Though a few days ago, I was down 6 and then I celebrated and went back up.

Why do celebrations always need to be dependent on alcohol? It sets me back every time. And then there's the whole sitting on my ass problem. I know, I know. I promised to exercise and I am pleased to report that the past few nights, I have indeed been getting a workout. Slightly unconventional and all thanks to the 3-year old's obsession with ABBA.

Picture me doing interpretive dance to the first 20 seconds of every song on ABBA Gold, from Dancing Queen to Mamma Mia (the all-time favourite), Super Trooper, The Winner Takes it All and straight on through to Waterloo...couldn't escape if I wanted to...seriously (how clever was that last line?). And most of the time I'm dancing by myself while the little man sits on the floor and presses the Next button continuously. At least 10 rounds. I'm sweating in sock feet all the while thinking about how I'm gonna break this to my blog readers.

But it's something, right? Better than the nothing I had to show a few short days ago! Hey, if Bjorn and the gang can't get my arm flab under control, who can?
All I need is a disco ball, a headband, some leg warmers, a unitard and Jane Fonda by my, John Travolta.

And Hyacynth's little, "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels" mantra has been keeping me away from those evil carbs for the most part. Except for this amazing Guacomole Dip they sell in every supermarket in Sweden. You know the one fellow Swedes. It's in the Taco section.

Swedes have a deep fascination with Mexican food. We've recently added Chicken Fajitas and Tacos to the menu, with none of the tortillas for me. But this damn dip. It's likely full of like the worst stuff possible, junk you can't pronounce in any language and the damn tin has NO nutritional info on it. I have no idea how many carbs I'm consuming when I shovel spoonful after spoonful into my mouth! Maybe if I did, I wouldn't sit with it like you sit with a bucket of ice cream. But I'm having fun fooling myself. I am pretending in my head that because on Atkins you can eat half an Avocado, half a tin of this dip is the exact same! It so is not. It so can't be. I'm delusional.

So where we at ladies? What are you deluding yourself into believing this week? Or maybe you already pulled the plug on those voices in your head. I am determined that the little cushion supporting the laptop on my lap will soon wither away and I'll have to find a new way to sit and type. I think it will be in a bikini. As a matter of fact, I will wear a bikini like everyday, even while cooking or scrubbing the toilet. I will wear it to the local supermarket. I will wear it out at night. My bikini and I shall be ONE when I'm in Montenegro this summer. Or maybe I'll get REALLY brave and head on over to Den's for a day in the buff! Now THAT would be something...

As I type these brave affirmations, I realize with a knot in my stomach, that a few of the people reading this weekly might actually hold me to this. To all of this. Why can't I just keep my big mouth shut and my fingers out of the Guacomole jar?


Maelle said...

Hej, cheer up, you shall do better and better, no matter how har it is at the beginning...

I don't know how much swedish you understand, so just in case, here is a link to a svd article dealing with the brain rewarding system, it is not that much scientific, rather mainstream science, but well, I think it's a little enlighting :

Nevertheless, even after having read it, I know that sugar will always be my best reward, no matter how much I start liking healthy food :o) So I'll have to keep being brave.

Don't loose faith in your progress !

LostInTraslation...Literally said...

this is my favourite post. TOO FULL OF AWESOME

~~~~~~~Picture me doing interpretive dance to the first 20 seconds of every song on ABBA Gold~~~~~~

This line had me laughing so hard. The image is stuck in my head now. hahahahahahahahahahah

Den said...

Jenn - you're doing great... Those gorgeous Abba girls would be proud of you!

Had a good week - only 2 exercise sessions this week but jeez I've been working out up on the campsite so I think I'm still heading in the right direction. One of my regulars even commented on how healthy I was looking! That helps a lot...

How you doing with the eating more slowly thing? The trick is (I'm learning) to chew every mouthful 20 times! Sounds a lot? It isn't really but it sure makes you conscious of 'proper mastication' (LOVE that word! sounds so rude but isn't!)

How about making your own yummy dip to replace that yucky green stuff? Just a few cooked beans (or even a can if you're pushed for time), bit of onion, pepper & some herbs & spices... whizz it up in your blender and dip away, chanting: Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels...

So I'm still plodding on and eagerly await your updates every week. Good luck with increasing the exercise - it really makes a difference!
PS: we'd love to see you at the camp - clothes or no!

Den said...

Aaargh! Just posted a big comment but cyberspace seems to have lost it! Damn it! I'll wait and see if it turns up before I post again..

septembermom said...

Jenn, I can picture you doing the interpretive dance with the little guy hitting the Next button! I've got ABBA songs playing in my head now:) Keep dancing!

Hyacynth said...

This week at 166! Moving in the right direction.

I'm glad you're up and moving! Especially because you're moving to ABBA, which we actually rock out to in my club. It's honestly one of the best workout CDs we've got. Anyway. Ahem.

Guac dip shouldn't be too bad on the carbs but it's high in fat. It's a healthy fat, but still, everything in moderation.

This week I've been focusing on eating healthy fats and eliminating trans fats and limiting saturated fats. New mantra for the week: I will nourish my body instead of feeding my cravings. This is a hard one. Let's do it together?

And @Den, great job on two days of exercise. Remember, movement begots more movement. So let's be encouraged to keep moving.

All right, I'm done channeling Richard Simmons now. :)