Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weigh-in Thursday: Week 1 of 5

Hello lady friends and the few gentlemen who are following along silently. Yup, I'm a day late again and no, it's not because I need an extra day with my scale. Or maybe it is. But no, it isn't. Just been super busy preparing for our trip to Moscow in 2 more sleeps! We're headed to one of the most expensive cities in the world and we've already spent a small fortune getting ready.

In over a year, I've barely shopped for myself. Mainly because who wants to buy clothes that are a size (or two) bigger than they should be? urghhh. And the other reasons? Well I work from home so my wardrobe consists of jogging pants and old t-shirts. And we barely go out, so who needs high heels and high class? But I finally bit the bullet and hubby splurged on me. In fact, just yesterday he came home with the absolute best shirt in the world. I promise to post a photo of me in it at the fancy schmancy birthday party we're attending Saturday night.

Oh and I should also mention that along with the awesome lilacky pouffy shirt, hubby laid something very sinful on my keyboard when I wasn't looking. I opened the bag and there it was. A small "Sicilian Rocket", aka, the Canoli. I was determined to walk that phalic-inspired delicacy straight over to the compost bin. But then I thought to myself, "Self, hubby knows you're struggling with your weight and he never would have put this here if he didn't think it was worth it." So self ate it. And let me tell you Hyacynth, that DID taste as good as healthy feels. Now normally that taste of sugar would have sent me into a downward spiral. But I held it together and did NOT run for the cupboard. So yay me!

Now my main worry is how many kilos I'm going to gain while there. I mean, how best to show hospitality but with FOOD? And vodka of course. And then I'll be forced to eat carby food because I need to soak up the vodka. Damn. So I'm going in at 73.5. Now let's just see what I come back with for next week's Weigh-In Wednesday. Maybe I should get on Den's detox know, to cleanse the pipes before they get clogged up again.

The walking has been sporadic due to the weather and the fact that my walking buddy has made the leap to jogging. Yay for her! I promised her I would hit the pavement and high speeds once I can actually keep up with her in slow motion. Wish me luck.

Oh, I almost forgot. I bought a pair of leggings. I succombed to Swedish Style. Now I just need the short leather jacket, a pair of Converse sneakers and I'm all set. The leggings. Why do overweight girls insist on wearing them? Yes, there was a time, a week ago, when I judged them for taking such a bold fashion risk. I admit, I snickered silently. But they're so damn comfy. Like wearing jogging pants or no pants at all. I'm on the edge. You look. You look again. You wonder, "should she really be wearing those?" Leggings aren't really for big-legged girls. But if I pair them with heels and an ass-covering shirt, I sorta, kinda can get away from that 2nd look of almost disaproval.

When I post the pic of the awesome shirt hubby bought me, you'll notice that it will be paired with black leggings and you can judge me (as punishment for me judging others). Sorry God, you're the only One allowed to judge.

The other day we're in the packed grocery store and Little Man blurts out rather suddenly and very loudly, "Mama, I gotta make a POOOOOOOOO."

Have a great week everyone. I'll try to check in from my fabulously expensive hotel ;-)


Just Me said...

I'm the same at the moment. Holding off buying new clothes till I get more of that weight off.
So my weigh in is at 75.1 today. Still going down! yay me!
I just need to get more focused on the exersising. I do, but not everyday, I get so side tracked and then I get self conscious once everyone gets home.
Can't wait to see the new shirt!

Den said...

I too bought leggings on my last trip back to the UK so we better do this weight loss thing or else they'll stay in the wardrobe (YOUR wardrobe to be precise!! LOL!)

I'm at 66 today. As per my email to you I'm aiming for another 3 down in the next 5 weeks, not 5 as I rashly stated last week (when I read my scales wrong! I might have to start doing this in stones, it's easier for the Brit in me!). I'm eating less but finding energy levels REALLY low this week so struggling to be as active as I would like to be. Guess my body needs a little break... Also think its struggling to adjust to the lack of protein. I've cut meat & dairy intake to almost nothing, which is great for my digestive system and calorie intake but maybe not so good for feeding the muscles I'm using - hence I feel tired & achey a lot. Detox & raw food is going great though

Don't let a weigh-in stand in the way of a full-on Moscow experience. You can shed some pounds any day but the trip to see special friends and eat & drink with them is not to be minimised!

Looking forward to the pics of you in your new gear, looking gorgeous... X

LostInTraslation...Literally said...

LOL @ the legging judging! I do that too!! hahahaaha, I believe god punished me by allowing me to buy " wet" leggings, yup, those leathery ones that show every little crack of cellulite someone has, no matter how skinny they are. YA. I bought those, and wore them around, then i realized, I look like a black bag of jelly, and they've been sitting in my closet ever since!!!

I can't believe your going to moscow!! *jealous* RAWR!!! but Its even more mind blowing that you still have time to post!! <-- I admire thee!!! :D

WALK in moscow, don't take a taxi. Thats what I do on trips, makes up for the tourist food you will be consuming!! :P

I hope you have a blast! Can't wait for the pictures! :D

Hyacynth said...

Well, friend, I will admit something. I hate a frappacino or however the heck you spell it the day after my dad passed. And man. That did taste as good as healthy feels, too! BUT JUST THAT ONCE! lol.
All right ... are you read to sing a song of praise?
I hit my goal weight!!! I'm at 163, which is officially my pre pregnancy weight. So I now have a new goal of 150. Wish me luck. That frappe is weighing me down.
Also, have fun on your trip.
Also, wish your brother the best for me as he enters the brotherhood of firefighting.
Also, you are freaking hilarious ... food to soak up the vodka. I recall those days fondly and with a little greenish hue on my face. Smooches to you!