Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 2 of 5

Welcome back ME! So...Moscow. In one word: amazing. In two words: Unbelievably Amazing. In three words: well, you get the picture.

Let's tally up scoring in the food vs. Jenn 5-day battle, shall we? Please note, scoring makes no sense whatsoever and is not to scale.

Saturday: Low-carb plane food, I win! Could I have been any more excited to see cold chicken breast, ham slices, onions, CHEDDAR cheese and cherry tomatoes being served? There WAS bread, but I gave it the middle finger.
Jenn: 1, Food: 0
Saturday night: Night out at beautiful Georgian restaurant featuring all kinds of tasty pate type dishes and handfuls of fresh herbs and the main course? Meat. Then there was that sweet red wine...
Jenn: 1, Food: 1

Sunday: Breakfast buffet at five-star hotel with more eggs and greasy meat than an Atkins girl could ask for. Steered clear of the fresh pastry table. Had a few licks of the little man's ice cream cone but all and all, not bad.
Jenn: 2, Food: 1
Sunday night: Elegant birthday party with selection of equally appealing foods. Not bad Jenn. But wait, open bar with amazing selection of fruity drinks AND the.most.amazing.birthday.cake.ever?
Jenn:-10, Food: 10

Monday: Breakfast buffet! Hello little sausages, how I need thee to coat my upset stomach with your thin veil of greasy goodness. Moscow McD's for lunch (minus buns, add fries).
Jenn: 2, Food: 2
Monday night: Birthday party leftovers...with champagne.
Jenn: 1, Food: 3

Tuesday: Hi BB! Salty bacon dipped in scrambled eggs...yum. Chips and chocolate for lunch?
Jenn: -5, Food: 5
Tuesday night: 5-star Russian restaurant with my Official Last Meal if I'm ever sent to death row: Borscht, add Russian dumplings and pies and wine.
Jenn: -5, Food: 5

You do the math. It ain't pretty. Ok, so it's not a TOTAL disaster. I did manage to maintain some semblance of control. sorta, kinda. But I am officially declaring the scale broken this week as I FAST, DETOX and cram as many eggs into my body as humanly possible until next week. I can do it. It's my blog. Let's just assume 75. I feel about 75.

Oh but loads of exercise this week! Walking through The Kremlin, Red Square, swimming in the hotel swimming pool. Yay!

Now that was my Weigh-In Wednesday version of our Adventure in Moscow. Tune in tomorrow for the non-food version, some pics and well, who am I kidding, I gotta talk a little about the FOOD.

How'd y'all do? Do special occasions get in the way of your diet/fitness regime? Talk to me. I'll listen but only after a good night's sleep. Nighty night.
ps. Missed you guys. I wasn't deliberately ignoring you. Just alternating between on-the-go, snoring, drinking (and eating), and dancing!


LostInTraslation...Literally said...


Welcome back jen! I'm really glad you had fun, and a little jealous of all the awesome food consumption you did there!!! hahahaha

again, your post never failed to make me burst out laughing from the start! :D

Special occasions ALWAYS get in the way, it's kind of a pain in the ass. Luckily I'm a hermit, who doesn't go out much.

Hope you danced your ass off! xD

Hyacynth said...

Welcome back! So glad you had fun. Now get back on track! lol. Kidding. But maybe not? ;)

SwedishJenn said...

Thanks Lost and Welcome Back yourself! GREAT profile pic btw! Hyacynth, you're right..time to get back on track. This morning, I forced some meat and cheese into my belly and have already planned tuna salad for lunch. I am actually going to endeavor to put more thought into my meals from here on in. More homecooked goodness and less frozen, stick-in-the-oven crap. xo

Mon said...

welcome back gorgeous!

i think you did marvelously. honestly. 5-star breakfasts and parties? i would have been at Mon -50 from the start lol
and lots of exercise must balance it out.

great to have you back.

Just Me said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a great time! :)
(Ok, today I weigh in at 74.2! Down from 75.5 last week. Yay me again!)

Sounds like you did a great job on vacation. I havent really gone on a vacation to know how I would handle that, but probably not as well. Special occasions are easier I think. Small portions of what I shouldn't have, but can't really refuse. Like a birthday cake or something. Avoid sodas and just drink water so when drinks are served for tostes or whatever, it isnt an issue. I also give my self a couple days a week where I am alowed to cheat. So thoes special occasions will turn into my cheating day. So I stay pretty much on my path! :)

septembermom said...

Welcome Back! I'm jealous. I bet the trip was amazing. I like the plan of declaring the scale broken. Good for you with all that exercise.

Den said...

Hey you... Wow! Moscow sounds AMAZING! Green as.

Sorry I'm late - living up on campsite mostly now and internetty time limited.

Really good news from my corner this week. I'm at 64!!!! Down 2 from last week!! Yay for me! And yay for you Jenn, cos I wouldn't have started this without you!

PS: Want to know more about 'the best birthday cake ever'!!!