Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday (on Thurs.): Week 3 of 5

Two weeks? Is that all I have left? 73.1! I'm creeping closer ladies! Been pretty strict about the eating habits as of late though only one powerwalk this week...but an effective one. I told neighbour friend that she should really stop lying to me. These are NOT powerwalks. They are powerHIKES. You wouldn't believe the inclines she has us tackling. Crazy woman! She's cruisin' on up and I'm ready to pass out with each painful step. As I can't seem to get it together without her, the plan is for a YouTube video on the off nights from now on.

Time is ticking and I have 4 more kilos to go, that's 8 lbs or so.

Or maybe I'll just give this little blog weekly the finger and make an appointment for lypo...ha!

Nah,  I'm not a quitter. At least that's what the lady who owns the apartment I want to rent this summer told me. I.cannot.stop.haggling. Which is weird because I'm not cheap in any other area of my life. But there's something about driving a stranger to give me a deal (actually in most cases it's driving a stranger to not rip me off). Though I did promise to bring her Swedish salmon if this all works out.

Summer is coming and my bikini is calling from its hibernation in the black hole that is my closet. The bikinis on the H&M models on bus stop billboards around town are also screaming. Why do these girls always have no boobs?

I hear Den is doing really great these past couple of weeks. She lost 2 of something but not sure if that's metric, imperial or what, so share Den!


Hyacynth said...

Come on, jenn! You've come this fat; you can do it. :) Aim for six more power hikes in the next two weeks! And this week can you focus on eating lean protein, veggies and fruit? Drink plenty of water. Aim for about 1200 calories for seven days. Then bump it up to 1500. Trust me; we need to work your metabolism!!
Ok, accountability time: I am at my goal weight. 163. But!! I have a new goal for July 4 -- 10 more pounds. This week I worked out five times, but I also ate more than normal. Oppps!
And maybe you should come visit me this summer! I won't charge you rent and we have a fab little rustic cabin on a sandy bottom lake - hubby's parents but they lovingly share with us! Smooches! You can do it this week. :)

SwedishJenn said...

OMG!!!!!!! That was the most brilliant typo ever..."Come on, jenn! You've come this FAT; you can do it. :)"

You are sooo right though metabolism SUCKS because I've killed it. I will follow your advice this week just because you reached your goal weight!!!!! Way to go!!!!!! So excited for you!

Your invite sounds incredibly tempting my dear but this year it's Montenegro or BUST. I will, however, consider this an open invitation because we just have to meet someday :-). Thanks for the words of encouragement and a big belly laugh (pun intented). xo

Michelle said...

Keep it up Jen - you are my inspiration! I have started some power walks during the mornings when I get a chance and it feels great to get out in the sunshine. As for metabolism, it is a tricky thing to kick start but I am learning that it actually does work. I am finally feeling hungry and eating like a normal person (about the only normal part about me!) and I must say I required a belt for my capris this morning...yay me!
Keep up the good work!


septembermom said...

Go Jenn Go! Go Jenn Go! Wish I had my pom poms!!

Hyacynth said...

I think if my iPhone auto corrects one more thing incorrectly, I'm going to fling it across the room. But I suppose that was a pretty awesome typo to make! Lol. You are NOT fat, btw!!