Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

Spring, or better yet, Summer, has arrived in Uppsala. Yesterday, it must have been 25 and I have the sunburn to prove it. No, I didn't venture out in a bikini (not THAT brave yet with 10 more pounds to go) but I was wearing a tank top and am still wearing it judging by the burn lines.

A few doors down from our townhouse, there's an opening and the neighbours have set up a pseudo-park with a swing set, trampoline and sand box. Little man loves it!

We've been spending a lot of time there with the neighbourhood kids and it's made me realize just how important it is for both of us to have some friends outside of school and work.

The neighbours have been rather kind and welcoming of us English-speakers. Regardless of the fact that everyone here speaks English, I'm feeling more like the "odd one out" than when I lived in Montenegro, where English-speakers were few and far between.

My desperation is growing to learn the language but the kids are my best teachers because I'm forced to speak to them in Swedish. Little Man's having none of it though, "Mama, you speak English!" Guess he likes keeping his special little club all to himself...ha!

Oh, I think I promised y'all some Moscow pics eh? Next post. Hubby finally finished them all up and we've proudly posted them to Facebook. Now to select a few to share with you.

Hope the weather is warming up wherever you are!


Mon said...

he's so grown! hardly recognise him.

"I'm feeling more like the "odd one out" than when I lived in Montenegro, where English-speakers were few and far between."

that's weird huh? goes to show that language isn't necessarily the main barrier. like ehre in the village, no one speaks a word of English, yet i feel very welcomed.

septembermom said...

What a handsome big boy you have there! So happy that you all are having fun in the neighborhood. I want to jump on that trampoline!!!

Hyacynth said...

Today is the first forecasted warm day in about 12 days; I'm so shering these boys outside!
I'm with Mon-- it's about so mch more than a language barrier; it has to do with the essence of the community. Have fun playing outside!