Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday (on Thurs.): Week 4 of 5

Oh God. I really need to step up my game. Still at 73.1 and desperately hoping to crack that ugly 3 and high tail it into 2 territory this week.

Did I tell you about my new love affair with apples? Yup, I allow myself an apple a day, I guess to keep the doctor away. Let's forget the 5 M&Ms I just inhaled, they don't count. Nothing to see here...So, Fiji apples from Australia! They're uber expensive (as far as apples go) and they're wrapped in some kind of non-enviro friendly styrofoam netting...but damn, they're tasty. And another apple splurge...some kind of Israeli apple...delish.

Exercise is still my enemy. It doesn't help that instead of power-walking last night, Neighbour Friend and I decided to hit the newest grocery store in town...I know Hy...I promised you 6 walks. Let's make tomorrow morning #1,shall we?

Been a little stressed lately:
- Trying to figure out if/when/where vacation in Montenegro will happen this summer.
- Trying to figure out what to do with the little man/work when he's off daycare for 6 weeks this summer.
- Trying to figure out why it is I'm putting my foot in my mouth lately.
- Trying to figure out...bills...
- Trying to figure out what our future holds in the midst of too much hard work and not enough play and if it's even worth it anymore...
And really, REALLY missing our family back home lately, especially not knowing when we'll be seeing any of them again.

So...a little on the sad side these days. But besides those 5 M&Ms, I gotta say, been doing good with the food. Have been following Michelle's advice and forcing myself to eat breakfast, which I think has helped immensely.

Lots of love to all of you, Jenn


Michelle said...

Yes, I think there is definately something to this breakfast thing! Keep up the great work Jenn, we're all in this together!

Mon said...

life... really is inconvenient for weight loss....

septembermom said...

So much on your mind. Stress is beating me up too. Hang in there. You're doing well with the whole "weight challenge." I have tons of confidence in you :)

Hyacynth said...

Keep plugging! Walk number one happen yet? There's still time! And rumor has it that it's spring by you. A blonde in Sweden told me so. ;)

Den said...

Hi sweet pea! Mega late, as ever! (campsite living, limited internet - you know...)

Aw, hate to hear you sounding down... as you said to me: things will change for the better for the both of us. Keep beliving sister!

I like to use exercie as a way of working through my issues... a time for me to try and figure all the tricky stuff out by mulling it over in my brain whilst mindlessly pounding away at the sit ups or something... No harm in giving it a try.

Be kind to yourself ok? You are doing great things and inspiring others to do great things. And seriously - give the hot water & lemon a go. It's part of my routine now and I've cut down on my dairy intake and caffeine effortlessly as a result.

Thinking of you & willing you on.
PS: If its any consolation, I'm stuck too - no change from 64...