Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 5 of 5

Hello there from cold again Uppsala. We had a lovely week last week, temps as high as 26. And now we're back to 9 this morning.

I've broken the 73 barrier, hovering dangerously at 72.8. Feels good but would have felt even better if I'd have refused some yummy food and alcohol this past weekend. It's that initial taste of something forbidden that usually drives me into a downward spiral. I need to program myself so that when I do indulge in a bite, it doesn't lead to the whole damn slice, or 3. Workin' on it. Also managed to get in a walk, with another planned for tomorrow morning.

Hubby's away in Madrid this week so evening walks are outta the question.

Could be some big changes coming our way soon...I'll keep y'all posted.

So it's officially the last week of the extra weeks but I'm voting to keep going. We're planning to head to Montenegro in the middle of August (fingers crossed) so that gives me another...let's count...10 weeks or so to lose another 3 kilos and keep it off. I've made the decision not to send the little man to another school over the summer, which means I'll be freakn' busy for at least 8 weeks keeping him entertained while trying to work. I'm gonna buy a summer pass at the local swimming pool for the two of us, planning to go every morning, coming back around lunchtime. That'll be a constant reminder as I'll be sporting a swimsuit all summer long.

Then I can sit him in front of the tube guilt-free while I tend to business for a little while. Plus, I'm gonna recruit hubby to take him to the park every odd day for an hour.

I think it should all work out fine so long as we get a routine going. Little man, like most other children, thrive on routines. He likes to know what's coming next, as do I.

These days I've been really missing our family. Likely because I have no idea when we'll see any of them next. I come from a rather large family. Dad has 15 brothers and sisters. Every summer there's a wedding, reunion or some big family event and for the past four years, we've missed almost everything. I really want our son to grow up knowing and looking forward to these celebrations so it's killing me that a close cousin is getting married in August and we likely won't be making it. We can't do it all. Maybe someday...

Lots of love to all of you!


Michelle said...


I'm a new reader from Australia (moving to Uppsala to finish my masters at the end of the year) and I just wanted to say I have really been enjoying reading your blog since I found it a few weeks ago.

Good luck with the weight loss, and with everything else as well :)


SwedishJenn said...

Hiya Michelle! Thanks for commenting and for stopping in! Another blog you might want to discover, if you haven't yet is:

He's hilarious and has loads of practical advice on moving as well as some pretty great observations on Life in Sweden.

Do let me know when you're here Michelle. We could hook up for coffee :-).
Take care, Jenn

Trillingnöten said...

I know what you are talking about...We are about to move to New York and I will leave my whole (really big) family here in Sweden. We wont have the money to travel all the time, so we will definitely miss out on a lot of things. My husband doesnt have a large family at all, and those he has are all spread out. It breaks my heart everytime I think about it.

Anonymous said...

Hubby's away in Madrid this week so evening walks are outta the question.

Could be some big changes coming our way soon...I'll keep y'all posted.

just got me thinking.. maybe a move from swed?

Hyacynth said...

You're so close! I'm glad you're going to keep plugging away; it's going to feel so good when you reach your goal.
OHHH! I see how it is,btw. Now YOU are keeping ME waiting for your big news. This is totally uncool. Stomping my virtual feet right now.

Just Me said...

72.8. We are at the same at the moment.
I vote to keep going as well. It says my ideal weight is around 47.5 to 61.5. So not sure how many more week I have. 16kilos is a huge gap to try to fit into. Yet I am short. I think I will keep going till my body is happy and stops dropping. I actually am liking the food I eat now.
Well, I am so glad your doing this and hope you continue on this path. I'll be right there with ya! :)

Michelle said...

You're doing so great Jenn, keep up the good work! Every bit of success is still sucess and counts in the big picture. I am having a hard time this week finding time for the gym - or any form of excersise for that matter - but still eating breakfast and keeping up the small meals thoughout the day....
I feel for you about being away from family. Or rather, I will. I am currently surrounded by family and friends and am about to make a move that will take me away from them all and the children away from the grandparents they are so close to. Sometimes I wonder if we're doing the right thing but when I take all factors into account I know we are and we'll make new memories and have new experiences that we otherwise wouldn't have, had we stayed on the safe, familiar road.
Hang in there friend, your family and friends are never far away really, and you are providing the Little Man with experiences others only dream of.

In the words of a wise fish, just keep swimming!!

SwedishJenn said...

@Trill: Best of luck to you as you embark on a new adventure. For all the bitching I do, I feel equally blessed that we have such opportunities. But it comes with sacrifice doesn't it? I visited your blog but gotta get much better with the Svenska before I can truly appreciate it. I'll look forward to reading it fully in 6 months to 1 year..ha!

@JustMe: Way to go YOU! Keep on truckin'. Glad I have some partners. You're doing great!!!

@Michelle: You're definitely doing the right thing. Sometimes we need to break free from the norm and make room for some adventure in life, even if it means sacrificing. I remember you and I know you anew. You WILL make some great friends, you WILL make some wonderful memories and you WILL make it home for visits. Oh and we WILL see each other as we have some dear family in Pembroke so expect a knock on your door in a year or so ;-). And thanks for the encouragement and perspective. I needed to hear Dory's words today. Thank you.

@Anon: Perceptive much? That would have been a very keen observation and I'm impressed...but not close yet ;-)

@Hyacynth: Sorry to report that my scale must have been tipped a little to the left cuz I'm back into 73ish territory :-(. I blame that on skipping brekky for 2 days and likely that bit of muffin and latte. But I'm BACK so let's see next week! Sorry to keep you guessing..or not..ha!

Den said...

Hey Jenn - me again, late as usual...
Way to go the weigh loss AND for being determined to stick at it.
I wish you skinny weeks ahead!!!

Sorry to hear your missing family - I KNOW that one...

I'm still at 64. No change for me, which is actually good because I've been indulging in left over party food!!!

Here's me on tenterhooks waiting for your next big news...