Friday, July 2, 2010

Beachin' it

Sorry I've been MIA, both in writing and commenting on all your lovely posts. Well Week #1 with the little man home (for 8!) is complete. We were at the beach (local outdoor pool park) and made a trip to the library, downtown. I'm waterlogged as the little man could spend all day wet if I let him. And my hair WILL be green by the end of the summer. Time to buy me some expensive chlorine-combatting shampoo.

"I'm glad you're here Mommy." My favourite quote from the little man these days.

Change is imminent on the job front...people leaving and hopefully some coming in. Hubby is overworked and stressed out...not fun and it will only get worse until we leave for Montenegro. I should say "if" but I refuse to. We deserve this vacation and if the company falls apart while we're gone, well so be it. Not that I entirely mean that. This company is not only our livelihood but our future. So hoping the winds of change will come roaring in soon.

Still parading around in a (string no less) bikini that I wore a few summers and a few pounds ago in Montenegro. But meh. There are far larger bodies poured into bikinis so I'm not concerned.

With the exception of downing a huge tub of popcorn and a bag of candy at the movies the other night, I'm not doing too shabbily. Let me explain the carb fest: I was supposed to be joining my friend and her daughters for dinner before the Eclipse premiere (no I am not a Twi-hard but went with them for some laughs) but hubby was running late on his way back from Stockholm so I missed out. And the theaters here are NOT like the those back home, so I had no choice. I was famished. Sucks being on a carb-reduced diet when you're in a pinch. Especially in Sweden where bread, pasta and the like are such staples (mainly due to the high costs for meat).

But I'm back at it folks. WAJ: eggs, salads and cold meats/cheese/hotdogs for lunch and chicken fajitas/fried balogne/steak for dinners. Oh and Butt Blaster/Ab workout too. I'm packing our lunches for poolside so as not to be tempted by all the sugary/carby/expensive things at the canteens.

Not much else new. Gotta run and get hubby to fire up the grill.
Lots of summer love being sent your way!


Hyacynth said...

I do hope you manage to take your vacation. It stinks that when you are most stressed and moat in need of a vacation that it's hardest to take it then.
Also, Thank You for sending me your email address! :)
Missed you lately!

Mon said...

IF, IF!!!!?????

septembermom said...

Check you out strutting your stuff in a bikini!! Very cool :)

Enjoy your summer fun!