Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunshine and Lollipops

The sun has been shining here in Uppsala and we've been soaking up the rays with the rest of the stay-at-homes at Fyrishov, the local watering hole. We're taking picnic lunches everyday so as to save some coin and only spending on drinks, etc. I was looking forward to getting a bicycle to bike there and back but hubby pointed out something rather insightful: These people (in Sweden) are born with a bicycle seat attached to their rears and I am not. Wobbly enough on a bicycle without the added weight of a youngster, I'm not sure I'm willing to risk "it" to save some gas and the ozone. Sorry earth lovers. But I do compost!

I've been all over the map lately with emotions. One minute I'm bitter. The next I'm lonesome. Today while we were chatting with some friends over coffee, hubby was asked how he's feeling (about the direction of our business, the future, etc.) and hubby replied, "I'm thinking about Canada". Or something like that. But it kind of threw me a bit as I had never heard him say this out loud before. But in the next breath he spoke about this adventure being our future and how we were going to fight to make a go of it. I'm just not sure how much longer either of us can sacrifice to chase our rainbow...or what that rainbow even is anymore. Maybe it's not even a rainbow. It could be an ardvark (little man's fave animal these days).

And then I got to thinking. Gosh, we are always wanting what we don't have in life. I know, not that insightful. But it made me take stock of what we do have. I, for one, am able to stay home with my son all summer long...working when I feel like it. Taking off to the beach if the mood strikes. How many of you in North America are able to just pick up and go right now? How many of your kids are in childcare all year long, with the exception of your 2..maybe 3 weeks of vacation/year? This would be my life back home, of that I'm almost certain. Daycare drop-off 7amish. Pick-up 6pmish. And repeat. But then it need not be I guess. We are the architects of our lives.

We have made some friends here and I'm feeling more and more of a closeness develop with certain people and for that I'm grateful.

But we do miss "home'" very much. Why can't we just have it all?

I really gotta keep up with this. I find I'm busier now than I was when I was "working" full-time.
Brekky: Egg Salad
Bad snack: Friends came over for coffee and brought a bagful of sinfully sweet pastries. I had half a weiner bread. Now it's not like it sounds. It's actually some kind of danish with amazing creamy filling..delish. No hot dog in there.
Lunch: Meatballs & salad
Dinner: Gaspatzcho (sp) and leftover hamburger pattie
Snack: Smoked peperroni stick.
Exercise: Been keeping up with my routine but I seriously gotta add another set of exercises for my legs. I'm no longer sweating through these...though they do remain challenging.
Comments: I don't seem to be losing any weight...low 73s. Gotta change up something to kick start the fat burning.

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septembermom said...

I'm glad that you're making friends. I bet everyone loves hanging out with fun YOU!!!

Keep going with the exercising. Sounds like you're doing well!