Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday (on Thurs): Week 4 of 10

Hi folks! Back down to a steady 73..that is, until last night....ooopsie daisy..ha! I finally got "let out of the cage" and went out with the girls! It was such a great time. A new friend of ours (the couple we spent Midsummer - drunk hubby crashing bike - with and celebrated her hubby's 40th - porcelain bus ride for me-) invited me out for drinks with her best girlfriend. We laughed, we drank, we laughed some more, we drank some more, we ate chili nuts, we watched Spain kick some German butt and I dismissed myself from their company at a respectable 10:30pm.

Boy did I need that. And I didn't feel bad about the rose wine, pear cider and rose mixed with Fanta? And today I was back at it. Back on the diet, back to the workouts. I even added 10 minutes of leg pilates! How proud of me are you guys? I plan on setbacks but I also plan to make up for them. Where before I would let a setback like this ruin the next 2-3 days, I now feel an increased sense of responsibility to myself and to you guys to grab the reins again.

I can't deny myself the plate of spaghetti I was served before we went out but I can choose to half the noodle portion and double up on the sauce! I didn't dare step on the scale again this morning though. Instead, I'll wait a few days if that's alright by you.

Been spending everyday (almost) at the local pool with the little man and this week we ran into one of his friends from school. Joy! Guess I should mention that this little friend of his is Portuguese and his mother barely speaks English or Swedish. So it's been fun having conversations that involve our invented breed of sign language. She really is sweet and I'll do just about anything to ensure the little man has a playmate :-). Day after day after day in a bikini. Should I be wearing one? Probably not. But neither should 85% of the women who are wearing them either. So I fit right in...LOL.

Alright a little uhmmm..treat...for you guys. Me, last night, before I went out. It's really not a flattering shot but gotta keep it real! Note to self: Soooo shoulda worn a bra.


Tales of a young mamma said...

I think you look great and I Love that dress! My fiance and I are doing a two (or three) day diet/cleanse right now. Only eating raw fruits, veggies and some nuts. My sons chocolate poptart has been staring at me all day driving me CRAZY and I dont even like poptarts!

Rebecca said...

You do look great. Don't beat yourself up and don't deny the Pasta and Sauce gods you heathen! :p. And that dress is lovely, too! Love the colors.
*thumbs up*

Den said...

You look amazing!!!! Love the dress.

Also refusing to get on the scales at the mo. Too many forbiddens recently (bread and vodka & coke especially!) Had a surreal week with an old school buddy staying at the campsite - so THAT's my excuse. What do you do when someone you weren't even that close to at school and who isn't a naturist and who you haven't seen for 24 years turns up to stay for a week??? Drink lots of vodka & coke - that's what!!!
Hugs froma steaming hot Monte.... X

sapphire said...

Hey SwedishJenn. Been long time lurking and occasional commenting on your blog.

Totally off-topic from your post:
I wanted to email you about a post I'm writing about Lagom to all the bloggers. I would love your opinion as well. You can email me at ablacksapphire at gmail com and I'll forward you the mail.

Mon said...

you're gorgeous. as always.

love the pool shot too heehee