Thursday, August 12, 2010

Could I BE anymore excited?

I can barely think straight, I'm so bloody excited for our trip to Little Man's homeland in t-minus 5 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There seriously aren't enough exclamation marks to express my sheer glee.

In fact, I'm so damn excited, I'm down to 71.3........woot, woot! Actually fit into some old clothes today.

Some pending highlights:
1. The reunion between our son and his nanny. I am starting to tear up just thinking about it.
2. The reunion between hubby, me and our bestest couple friends in the world.
3. A cup of "chai" over at Mon's new home in the mountains.
4. Meeting our dear Russian friends again and of course, all of our expat friends.
5. A night of camping at Camp Full Monte. Hubby said he wants to take Joe camping. I was shocked. Though we'll likely be "suited up" ;-).
6. The stony beaches with clean waters.
7. The friends, the friends, THE FRIENDS!
8. My reunion with rakia.



septembermom said...

I'm excited for you too!! Have fun. I know you'll have a grand time. How fun that you'll see Mon too!

Mon said...


we don't do camping. my sympathies, lol

i think the pounds you're losing have migrated to my hips.

SwedishJenn said...

@septembermom: Thanks! Yes, really looking forward to seeing Mon :-)
@Mon: We normally don't do camping either but Ted, for some odd reason, has it in his head and if I can just "show up" and have everything taken care of, I'll be ok. LOL..or not...about the pounds. My scale musta been wonky because the very next day I was back up to 71.9! I'm blaming it on the Diet Coke I was consuming as I read somewhere that it can throw people out of ketosis. So we'll see if that scale is a friend or a bastard tomorrow..ha!

Hyacynth said...

I'm so excited that you are going on vacation to the very place you love! I hope you have so much fun.
And great job at being to a weight that makes you excited and feel accomplished! That's awesome.
When you and Mon are sharing your chai, think of me. I'd love to be in her mountain air having tea with you two. That sounds so very lovely.