Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Random Summer

T-minus 12 sleeps till Montenegro. I can't tell you how excited I am to be reunited with what I consider to be our little man's homeland. And the wonderful friends and the hopefully amazing weather.

Hubby and I celebrated 8 years together on the 3rd. We did nothing except to say that we're celebrating in Monty and uhmmm...other "stuff" ;-).

I've been a shopping fiend. This country is so freakin' expensive, except for now. Now, the sales are mind-blowing. 10 bucks for a summer dress? I'm in! Plus, we have hordes of gifts to buy for dear friends back home. Though I have been watching the spending carefully and not going overboard...need to have some money for our trip!

Our pending vacay is reminding me that summer is coming to a close here. All the kiddies go back to school the day before we leave and business starts booming again. Not necessarily the most ideal time to "get away from it all" but it is very much a necessity for hubby. The weather has been shit for the last 2 weeks but those first few weeks were amazing..well for Uppsala anyway. And I was so worried about having the little man home all this time but now I'm sad thinking about having to send him back to school. So sad, that I can't even think about it most of the time.

I got re-committed in the last short week and have been pretty strict about the carb intake and exercise. I actually saw the scale go down past 73 for the first time this morning. I won't say what I'm aiming for as I board the plane in 12 more sleeps as I don't want to jinx it ;-)

I really, really missed not seeing our family this summer, especially my parents. To think this will be the longest stretch they've gone without seeing their grandson in the flesh, 1 year come Christmas.

We've made some good friends here. Alleluia!

Hubby turns the big 5-0 on the 30th and we'll be in Montenegro. I know where he really wants to be is back home in Canada but he seriously needs the rest now so we've decided to postpone the celebration until we're, God willing, back in Canada for Christmas. Then we'll have a proper party, complete with embarassing photos, friends he hasn't seen in ages, etc.

I'm giddy with excitement, anticipation and a little bit of fear. Hooray for all three.

Hope you're all enjoying (have enjoyed) your summer wherever you may be in the world. I'll look forward to getting back to blogging once life has returned to "normal". xo

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Mon said...

the weather here is changeable. huge storm today. first time i was actually scared.
but generally, yes, it's been hot and lovely.