Friday, October 21, 2011

Joy Pockets in October

Glad to be participating in Joy Pockets this week. Want to share your joy pockets? Head on over to Mon at Holistic Mama and join in the fun. We all need to find the joy in our lives, no matter how cleverly hidden at times.

Here are mine this week:

A little boy learning to read by sounding out the sounds

A diminishing cough (taken directly from Mon's pockets but also my Joy Pocket)


2 more sleeps until this:

Grateful to have the power and desire to give someone the warmth and love they deserve.

Red leaves and crisp air

Share with me your Joy Pockets
Jenn xo


Monica said...

ah, red leaves. a proper autumn then?
ours are greenish-brown here lol

just 2 more sleeps!! you must be so excited.
and thank goodness your cough is on it's way too.

happy weekend sweetie. enjoy the visitor's arrival!

Hyacynth said...

I love your joy pockets! I love that you are intentionally seeking them. :)

SwedishJenn said...

@Mon: A very proper Autumn indeed. I know you miss it when you can't have it (goes without saying) but boy what I would have given to have had your extended summer in Monty! We are super excited for our special visitor!
@Hy: Thanks size 6! So proud of you!!!

Carin said...

Wonderful pockets Jenn! Have a wonderful time with your visitors :)

Lisa C said...

We have gorgeous autumn leaves, too. *sigh*

How fun about learning to read! My little one excitedly tells everyone what letter his name starts with, and he can often tell what letter sounds a word begins with.

We love Montessori, too :)