Sunday, October 16, 2011


MIA due to combo of insanely busy with work and nastily ill with a dreaded head, chest cold. In between, been planning a Halloween party for the little guy's class (that kind of crazy must the result of this nasty cold), the arrival in 1 week of our dearest Tanja from Serbia and my 35th Birthday Party! Plus decorating for Halloween and wishing my niece Audrey a Happy 1st Birthday. She's awesome. Suck a beautiful little girl. Bro's stingy with the pics but generous lately with video. So here's one of Baby Girl eating peas for Thanksgiving Dinner (Canadian Thanksgiving, was last week). And a few pics of us enjoying our meal for 3 here at the house. Did I mention that our turkey kicked some serious butt this year? Hubby said it was the best he's ever had and he never enjoyed white meat until this meal. SCORE!

So there's a little recap of what's been goin' on here. Now excuse me now while I go blow my nose and collect my kid from the neighbours. Have a fab week readers (all 5 of you!) xo

And the little Birthday Girl!


Den said...

OMG! The pic of that roasted bird has got me drooling! Get well soon my dear.
PS: Daisy Marmite says she likes YOUR perspective of the world too!

Monica said...

how good does your meal look!? makes me crave a roast now, and gravy.

sorry about the sniffles.mine is attacking me with a cough.
sucks. especially having little Miss with one too.

hope you feel better before the Halloween madness descends.

Michelle said...

Your Thanksgiving meal looks FANTASTIC!!!! So glad you keep the tradition of turkey day no matter where you are - its a must-do family event!
And your neice is the sweetest, thanks for sharing and HAPPY (Late) THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!! XOXO
Hope you're feeling better :)