Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And the award goes to....

ME! Yup, got my first blog award today. And you're thinking..."uh, yeah, so?" And I'm thinking, I won something! I can't even remember what it's called I'm so delirious with excitement. And now with all the publicity sure to come out of this (interviews, calls from Perez Hilton for blogging tips, the Ellen Show) , I'm freaking out because, well, my blog sucks. I mean, I don't have a cool design, I write about no one subject in particular and I'm so unpredictable with the type and frequency of my posts.

Dang...I'm certainly no MckMama (Queen of the Mommy Bloggers) or Hairy Swede (my personal favourite expat in Sweden blog).

The song "Under Pressure" by Queen is playing as background music in my head now. Or maybe it's the version with Vanilla Ice and those twins, Jedward?, from Britain's Got Talent or X-Factor or some show with Simon Cowell.

While I try to figure out where to go from here, here's a copy of my acceptance speech, which can be found in its original form on September Mom's blog, My Voice My View (the bestower of the honour):

This is my very first ever blog award. I'm so humbled and so unprepared. "You like me. You REALLY like me!" Ok, here goes..off the cuff:
I would like to thank:
- God and Jesus, because well, those are the first guys you thank when you win awards.
- My darling husband, who cleaned the garbage out of the car this morning when I asked him to.
- My deliciously beautiful 3-year old son, who has so much joie de vivre in his compact littleness and gives me so many reasons to smile everyday.
- The blogosphere: I discovered you not that long ago and I thank you for sharing your lives and inspiring mine.
- My extremely small group of blog followers, or perhaps I should term you, "Tight Knit". Thanks for putting up with the ADHD that is my "blog".
- September Mom for graciously bestowing this award upon undeserving me, for commenting on my blog and for her the posts that keep me coming back for more.
Cue music...


LostInTraslation...Literally said...

omgosh! congratulations doll!!

Honestly, id feel the same way as you with the whole " you like me?!?!?! you REALLY LIKE ME??? "hahahahahaha

from reading your blog in the past few days, I didn't even need to think before deciding you deserved it :)

to adorable!

perez hilton?? reallly?? hahahahahaha

LostInTraslation...Literally said...

ps. I think your mom is cool. I wish my mom was equally cool. hahahha
shes a different kind of cool though. the kind that "tells dirty jokes and laughs about them cool"

septembermom said...

You do deserve this award!! I love visiting your blog. It's honest, fun and real :) Keep writing. We all enjoy your posts. I love how you say "your deliciously beautiful son". Lovely way to describe him.

S. Etole said...

this was a fun place to find ...

Merlin said...