Wednesday, January 27, 2010


But instead, here I am venting about how much I have to do instead of well, actually doing something about it, like DOING.IT. Oh and I'm also waiting for the latest episode of Jersey Shore to download. Don't even bother. Guilty pleasure. Nuf divulged.

- We're moving in less than a month. I have nothing packed.
- Our son needs his Visa renewed. I've gotten as far as filling out the application.
- My passport expires in March. Guess.
- I have a website to write.
- I have Swedish lessons tomorrow morning. I should be studying.
- There's this check type thing that came in the mail. I need to get to the bank to figure out how to deposit it. Gotta get on that.
- I need a Swedish driver's license. You would NOT believe the hoops you have to go through to get one: written test, classes, some crazy ass obstacle course in the snow type thing, driving test, eye test, and a shitload of money. All because you can only use the one from your own country for a year. I think I'll drive illegally.
- Car needs servicing. Damn service light has been on since November.
- Some other appt. with the car that needs rescheduling.
- Gotta call to find out if boy has swimming lessons tomorrow of if they start up again next week.
- General cleaning of the house.
- Gotta call the current tenant of the new house to find out when we can move in.
- Boxes. Need boxes.
I am the worst procrastinator like ever. Ok, I'm sure there are worse and I have gotten better with age but still. When it all piles up like this, I can't see the forest through the trees. Will someone, preferably with like 5 kids, a husband and two dogs, take pity on me and provide me with some ingenious system that will ensure I get this stuff checked off? Or at least hold the virtual paper bag while I breathe deeply and hold my head between my legs? Oh and try NOT to suggest getting my husband to help, m k?
Oh, Jersey Shore is 94.5% complete. Gotta run and get THAT done. I'm laughing but not really...


LostInTraslation...Literally said...

jersey shore is a total guilty pleasure. if they make a second season, I dont know how id deal without pauly D and snookie... god this is embarrassing

you sound like you have ALOT to do. i love making to do lists!

my mom, has 5 kids, and a husband and a cat, and somehow she manages like you. you ladies are admirable! how Do you do it???

I'd start with the phone calls if I were you, to get those out of the way. then the passport, because thats priority

pick up the boxes and do the cheques on your way home from swedish lessons while you get your car serviced

then study study study After you've cleaned a bit

sorry. I'm a bother hahaha, but I cant help it, start with the ones you will find easy so you can get more done at once :D
seems your an expert tho, so I shall not trespass any longer..

I'm sorry. Ive been watching ALOT of pride and prejudice. ignore my vocab.

ps: watch jersey shore while deciding what to do next!! hahahaha

Good luck doll!! :D

Hyacynth said...

First step is he list. lol. Second step is to do things in, say, 15 minutes increments. mark on the list which can be done at certain times if the day, and which can be done together to save you from back tracking. I know I'm 3 kids an a dog short of the requirement for giving a solution, but this works for me. OK, baby is done nursing, so off to get to my list. :)

Merlin said...

Tell me if you find a solution to the driving license, I cant figure a work around!

septembermom said...

I think I would have trouble with that obstacle course on the driving test. You should see me trying to get into a tricky parking spot :)

You are one busy lady for sure. Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

hi found your blog just browsing around and haha since reading through this blog i have understand i live in the same town just another part haha crazy.

keep up