Sunday, March 21, 2010

Somewhere warm?

Ahhhh...wouldn't that be nice. Yesterday, the little man and I went puddle jumping all the way to the park. He had his snowsuit on but with the sun shining and a balmy 5 degrees, he could have gone with his rain suit and should have. His winter boots are NOT waterproof, as evidenced by me having to wring them out when we got home. Spring was on its way...hooray! We could see the grass and realized we have a deck in our front yard.

Today, it started to snow. Bucket loads. It "blizzarded" (made that up) all day long. Just when I was ready to pack away the winter gear, the snow is now back to knee deep. In my hometown in Nova Scotia, it was 20 degrees yesterday and apparently people were sporting shorts.

But I say it's "Out like a lion" here in Uppsala. Only because I have to believe that next weekend we'll be puddle jumping again.

And in a few short months we'll be heading to a REAL summer in Montenegro. C'mon JULY!


Anonymous said...

haha the snow was CRAZY.. i was at the sm final in uppsala.. wow it was a crazy game so much snow

Mazui said...

Welcome to Sweden

Hyacynth said...

Montenegro sounds like a dreamy paradise. Can I come, too? ;)

LostInTraslation...Literally said...

you guys still have snow?!?!?!?!!?!

WHAT!! hahaah he had rain 2 days ago, there is absolutly no snow left here in hassleholm... i kinda miss it... :(
The sun is almost, always, SHINNY!!

sorry. that wasnt supposed to sound like i was rubbing it in your face. hahahaha

Mon said...

oh wow SNOW!!?? Spring is here, for what it's worth, you know it's barely a season here. But it's warming up nicely. Should be all ready for you when you arrive. ;)