Monday, March 29, 2010

You're Jennifer. You have long arms.

According to my son, I'm Jennifer because I have long arms. Not sure what's up with him pointing out how long my arms are and how short his are in comparison, or the fact that I am who I am because of my arm length but it's noteworthy.

I realized he, along with the rest of Uppsala's kids, are off school all next week (Easter break). Didn't they just have a week off like 2 months ago? Ahhh..Sweden, land of the Red Day, where every other day is a holiday it seems.

All of a sudden, I have friends. Last week, I invited some of my dearest chicks over for a long overdue girl's night. Perfect timing as hubby was away on business. Now, I don't really consider these girls "friends". More like family. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we drank, we ate. The evening ended with my loopy 35-year old friend convincing her likewise loopy 24 and 26-year old pseudo-family chicks to hit the town. Some partying and a lot of post-night barfing ensued. Apparently my "parties" are now epic.

And then, we got invited over to one of those acquaintances-we-met-at-a- mutual-friend's-party-but-where-things-never-go-past-the party-location's house for dinner last night. Just so happens they have a son a couple week's shy of our son's age. And the hubby is American. And the wife is cool and also a dear friend of the new/old neighbour friends's. I know. Too much information. But just for the record. My record.

And then...I got a text from the new/old neighbour friend asking me over for coffee today. But I got it too late and the little man is home with a fever so, it was a No Go. But still...Holy "Friends" Batman!

Could I BE ANYMORE POPULAR? Bahahaha. See what happens when you stand up for yourself? No, none of them knew about that. But maybe I'm exuding some other-worldly eau de "don't f with me" that makes everyone think I could be the schoolyard bully so they all want me on their good side. Bahahaha.

Work has piled up. I am somewhere under it. And of course, the little man is sick. But thankfully not SICK, sick. Still his happy go lucky, you-be-the-Mama-Brachiosaurus-I'll-be-the-baby-TRex-and-I-will-try-to-eat-you, self with a fever and a runny nose. I dreaded calling the school this morning. Cuz I'm scared of The School. Cuz they will ask me, "Does he have a fever?" and I will want to lie because if he does have a fever, he will need to stay home until it's gone and then one EXTRA day on top of it for good measure. And I will want to lie. But I won't. And I didn't.

So I have two press releases to write, some stupid document to serve as a foundation for all other documents, a bunch of leads to Google and a dozen other tasks. Plus, I have just been made the Master of Hubby's crazy schedule. But right now, the main task is playing hide-and-go-seek with a Spider Man costume wearing kid who only has two hiding places: under the covers of our bed or under the covers of his bed.


Mazui said...

Hide and seek must be a perfect game for you. If you're lucky he'll stay hidden for an hour or so. :)

For another game you could use your long-armed orangutan looks to make a decent King Kong impersonation.

Tod said...

Sounds like a sweet time and i definitely know how awesome it feels to make friends in Sverige.
Keep it going :)

Ad Astra said...

I love hide and seek! It seems to me spiderman costumes are still the big thing. I had a younger brother with the cutest spider man pajamas.

septembermom said...

We play a lot of hide and seek around here! You should see the tight spots that Jillian wants me to get into :) So happy that you're finding friends to hang out with. Hope your little man is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

seems like you doing great and once you make a friend and meet their friends you can be picked up in that friend circle if your lucky and then you have lots of friends

swedish are funny that way:P
you got to know someone first but then it can go fast when one person lets you in on their life

SwedishJenn said...

@Mazui: Must try that impersonation tomorrow!

@Tod: Feels pretty darn good.

@AdAstra: Some superheroes never die.

@septembermom: You'll have to write a post on the intracacies of hide n seek so us newbies can learn a few things.

@Anon: And that's exactly what happened. Got "in" with one and the tight little circle has embraced me. Though unfortunately, I've had to ask for a lot of rainchecks this week due to all the vomitting going on.