Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday WAJ

Mood: Hopeful

Brekkie: Leftover hamburgers (sans buns of course) scarfed down by the kitchen sink with bernaise sauce residue cuz the hamburgers were steaming hot out of micro
Lunch: at like 4:30pm. Egg salad (1 M&M on the car ride home before egg salad)

Dinner: Low-carb meal at the Max hamburger franchise with half a side salad and 5 fries dipped in, you guessed it, bernaise sauce. And one and a half nuggets with the breading peeled off and 1 onion ring with the breading,cuz well, it was an onion ring!
Fitness:  40-minute power walk through mosquito infested woodland with walking buddy who told me the mosquitoes were biting because I wasn't walking fast enough!

Comments: I was teetering folks. I gotta be honest. After a long ass day in Stockholm and a shitload of rushing around this evening, I was ready to give my sore abs a rest tonight, ready for any excuse really. And then I saw Michelle's comment on my previous WAJ and suited up. Only to get a text from walking buddy. I.can' Today was not a standard day in the life of "moi" but I managed. I did it. Golf claps please.


Michelle said...

You're so awesome and now I TERRIBLE for finding every excuse to not do my run today. Here is my solomn promise to you: I WILL run tomorrow, I will "suit up" as well, and as soon as the bus leaves I will run my ass around that neighborhood and remember that I am still working toward a goal and I can't stop now....
I am so proud of you!!
(And I am really, really regretting the MacDonald's I had for supper...)

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