Monday, June 7, 2010

Weigh-in Accountability Journal

Y'all were likely getting as frustrated with me as I was with me. Well after a shit weekend of indulging and feeling awful about it, I left the pity party and decided (again) to take action. Since I continue to be inspired by all of your successes and stories, I figured I owed ya one (or many) and have decided that I will hold myself more accountable.

So much can go wrong in a why not check-in daily? I will not torture myself with daily weigh-ins but I WILL chronicle my food intake and exercise. These posts will be titled WAJ (for Weigh-In Accountability Journal) so feel free to dismiss them if you don't feel like a blow-by-blow of Jenn's Daily Regime. Here's my insightful intellectual reasoning behind this: I'm definitely gonna think twice before scarfing down the crust of the little man's toast in the morning if I know I have to tell you all about it later in the day. So here goes, Monday WAJ:

Mood: Motivated
Brekkie: Egg salad
Lunch: Tuna salad with cukes
Dinner: Oven chicken with Greek salad and brocolli
Fitness: I found these Spark People Fitness Videos eons ago and decided to give them a go. Consider them dusted off and in full use for this week:
Bust Blasting Work-Out (6 minutes):
Ab Work-Out:

Damn. Sweat was beading in every crack people. Shows how out of shape I really am.  Butt Crack Sweat is like Sweet Honey when said sweat contains tiny molecules of fat dripping from my expanded ass.

The walks were great BUT I really need company for those and seeing as though my company has gone MIA (yeah, I'm talkin' bout you "T"...though I'm to blame for the last bail out), it's my living room, a mat and my new BFF Nicole from YouTube.

Today was a good day friends! One day at a time and one WAJ (pronounced like the slang word for our you-know-whats but the "V" is silent) every night.


Mahällö said...

I hope this WAJ thing will motivate you, I cross my fingers! ;o)

But I was wondering how healthy it was to be on an Atkins diet for such a long time? I guess you are more aware of this than me. How long can you eat like this, and do you come back to a normal diet afterwards?

Mahällö said...

Oups, I wanted to ask "how do you come back to a normal diet", not whether you eventually do it. Sorry!

SwedishJenn said...

@Mahällö: Good question! There's a lot of controversy out there regarding the Atkins diet and other low-carb regimes. The idea with Atkins is to eventually and slowly reintroduce carbs into your diet through a phased approach. The first phase, Induction is the nastiest. And for about 2 weeks you're basically training your body to burn its own fat reserves because of the very limited amount of carbs you're consuming. You then move onto another phase and yet a third and possibly a fourth? But can you ever eat potatoes for every meal again or have a hot-fudge sundae twice a week? nope. You're getting your carbs from other non-starchy veggies and fruit. I was on the diet rather successfully for about 2.5 years and keep starting over and over and over again. Just when my body kicks into ketosis mode (the fat burning), I've been halting it with candy or wine. You cannot drink alcohol for the first two weeks. To be honest, I don't know that ANY of the food we consume these days is any good for us. From veggies to Glass. To answer your questions more succinctly: Is it health? Likely not entirely. How do you come back to a normal diet? You never really do. But you do start reintroducing "some" carbs in slowly. For me, I have proof that it works. For me, I just have to get on the wagon and stay on for long enough to see the results. And I too hope the WAJ thing works!

Mahällö said...

Okej, thanks for explaining this to me! Have you read this all in books or seeked "professional advice"? I hope you can sometimes indulge on some fika stuff, though, otherwise where is the point in living in Sweden? ;o)

It's great that you know that it works for you, and that you are so very informed about it all. I guess that this, plus your motivation, will eventually lead you to success. :o)

About walking: do you ever go walking with your son? It may end up in your running after him in a park, but it can soon become a great way to enjoy summer here!

Hyacynth said...

All right, lady. Let's do this. I'll be checking in you, and I'm logging my food in a journal. Yesterday was the start of our Biggest Loser program at Curves. Last time 11 of us lost 159 pounds. By food journaling, I'm going to contribute to a much greater loss this time around. (And we have 44 ladies participating this time. Wish you were closer! We could have fun!)
Cheering you on all the way from Chicago. :) Hugs and virtual fist pump.

septembermom said...

Like how you list "motivated." You sure are! You're motivating me to move my butt more.

Love the crack sweat reference. I'm giggling as I type...

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