Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 3 of 10

Well, I didn't manage to escape my 1 evening of excess alcohol consumption and 1-day Carb Fest unscathed. The scales have tipped to the low 73s again. F-word. But I was not and am not deterred. I picked myself up off the bathroom floor, wiped myself down and climbed back over to my makeshift exercise mat. No wallowing over here.

And tomorrow the Midsummer celebrations begin in full-force, culminating in an all-day drunk fest on Friday. Though I think based on my last experience, I may sit this one out. And in Sweden when you sit it out you REALLY sit it out. There's no such thing as even 1 drink with a zero-tolerance drinking and driving law. And on Midsummer? You are guaranteed to get stopped by the cops and always guaranteed a breathalyzer.

There was a birthday party today. I had a morsel of cake. But just a morsel. Apart from that, the past 2 days have seen good brekkies, lunches and dinners with some apples thrown in for good measure. And a lot of butt blasting and ab crunching. Dare I say it's working? Even with the scales trying to get me down..or maybe that's up, I feel a notable difference in my tight-waisted exercise pants. Not so tight around the waist.

So I'm winning some and losing some. Next week will see my chasing the little man around the local pool every morning for the next 6 weeks and hopefully, a daily bike ride to the watering hole. Need to get a bike is all.

So there you have it folks. How are you all doing? Talk to me. Thanking you all for your continued support and encouragement. Love you all! xo


Hyacynth said...

Good job! Keep plugging away. :)
I'm doing all right. I broke my all-time low weight last week with 161 pounds. Trying to keep up the momentum ... though I must confess, I haven't been seriously strict with my food lately. {I really like frappacinos.}
Also, I NEED your e-mail address! I cannot find it anywhere.
And I'm mostly stopping by to tell you you'd better link up at the Bigger Picture Moments today. :) I really want you to link because the others who are linking will come and visit you. And your blog is too good to not share. :) xxxooo

Den said...

You're doing great... Feeling a difference is important, You will spiral up to new heights now as your weight continues to spiral down! Promise!

As for me, I finally broke through the stubborn 64 and dropped another 2 kilos!!! Yeah!!! I'm SO close to my ideal weight now. Mind you that was yesterday morning and today I sneaked 2 naughty biscuits so, who knows... No scales on the campsite tho, so I'm sticking with 62 and remaining optimistic!

Sending you optimistic encouraging vibes!

septembermom said...

You're doing great!! A daily bike ride sounds like a wonderful way to keep going.