Saturday, April 24, 2010


My blood is boiling and this is why:

1. Hi, we're moving and I need to transfer our Internet/TV to a new address please.
2. Sorry, we don't deliver our service in your new area so we can't. Oh and you still have to pay for 3 months.
3. Hi new company, I need Internet/TV.
4. We can give you Internet but we have to a test to see if we can deliver TV. It will take 5 days.
5. Five days later, "yes, you can have TV too."
6. Yes, we said you could have TV but unfortunately you can't have TV now for 3 more months because we're changing our service.
7. Hello 3rd company, can you give me TV? Oh and I also need to make sure the TV you give me includes Stanley Cup play-off games.
8. Well that will mean you have to purchase our sports package (almost as much as our regular package a month) but you can cancel it after 1 month with no penalty.
9. I calll back to order the channels.
10. Sorry, I realize some lady told you could do that but we don't have that package. You have to call another company for that.
11. Oh and Please don't forget to pay the annual $100 to the government for the privilege of having a TV set in your house.


Anonymous said...

if you are able you could go for

viasat with sports via satellite wich gives you Viasat sport that shows some nhl matches

or canal digital with c+sport wich have ESPN Amera/ESPN America HD on satellite that have nhl matches

best way to check if you are able to recive tv/telephone/internet to your adess is to use the company websites there you fill in adress/postnummer/city and then you search and it will take about 30sek and then it will say if you can get tv,internet,phone and what speeds and so on

LostInTraslation...Literally said...

* loads gun*. Lets go hunting Jen, I think it will be fun * evil smile*

.... I've really missed your posts :(