Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weigh-in Thursday: Week 10 of 10

So sorry fellow weigh-in Wednesdayers. I got so caught up with my crisis yesterday, not to mention some other criseses (made that word up), that I completely forgot!

Ok, so, 73.5...wooopeee! Nowhere near the beautiful 69 but down to pre-Christmas weight so yay for me! Walking or newly termed, Suicide Walking, has been intense but sporadic. This is ONLY due to the crap weather. Yup, snowing today. Cold, windy and (insert swear word) SNOWING. My walking buddy said the Weather Gods were telling us to take it easy tonight and I agreed. Truth be told, don't think my butt will ever UNspasm from the death march of two nights ago.

But still committed and I only ate like half of the fries in the little guy's Happy Meal at McD's tonight. Normally, that would have been IT. I woulda come home and raided the cupboards on a Carb Crusade. Not tonight though. Tonight, I drank like 3 cups of coffee and polished off a Granny Smith. "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels", right Hyacynth?

Ok, off to bed, it's late here in Sverige. Nighty night! Ps. Remember we ARE starting all over again next week, 5 intense weeks to reach whatever our goals may be. Mine is bikini body.


Michelle said...

I think perhaps I may just jump on this band wagon and save my dreaded scale experience for Wednesdays, it will definatly help to know I'm not alone in this. I just weighed myself last night so I can go from there...thanks girl! And congrats on the progress!!

Hyacynth said...

I just wrote you a huge long comment and blogger destroyed it. Blah.
Ok -- run down ...
1. Yes!!! You go! You are right! Keep saying that because it really is true. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

2. I'm at 164 somehow. I want to eat everything in sight -- stress eating -- but I'm repeating the above. Because it's true.

Stay strong. You're doing well! Big cheers for you from way over here across the giant pond.

Den said...

Hey Jenn. Sorry I'm late! Way to go girl! Good for you. I'm at 65k, down 2 kilos over 10 weeks (but DOWN nonetheless!). I'm really on a mission now though... together we have 5 weeks and I'm going to make it count. My goal is to drop a kilo a week. That may be aiming high but I'm not letting myself off the hook anymore - time to be tough.
I think I've done a lot of the hard work... I've broken my pattern of 'oh I've sinned so now I may as well just gorge everything in sight' - THAT is an unhealthy state of mind and BS we feed ourselves. I'm also incorporating a lot of healthy habits into my lifestyle without having to try SO hard:
I eat slowly & consciously now, most of the time
Dairy & meat have become minimal components in my diet
I'm eating LOTS of raw food

My biggest thing at the moment is buckets of hot water & lemon. I don't want to 'over-share' so I won't go into details but this has 'cleansed' my insides in amazing ways - I have LITERALLY shed loads of crap! It is the simplest detox and now I even like the taste!

I'm excited and positive about the next 5 weeks for us all. You will look FAB in that bikini and I'm going to feel better in my birthday suit!

SwedishJenn said...

@Michelle: Welcome!
@Hy: Thanks for the props!
@Den: Sorry Den, I need the deets on this detox of water and lemon. Seriously? That all it takes?! Talk to me, to us. Ok, so don't need to know colours or consistency but definitely your recipe :-). Great to hear about your loss, renewed commitment and birthday suit goals. Keep on truckin'

Den said...

Ladies, I'm here to tell you that drinking hot water with a slice of lemon in it is a wonderful, simple detoxer. I have pooed & pooed (well, you DID ask!) and have a fabulous, cleansed, un-bloated, feeling in my gut. Other great things are: less dairy intake (I'm English and have my tea with plenty of milk and must have been consuming a pint a day just in tea); less caffeine and... less desire to have a biscuit with my hot cuppa! (English tea & biscuits are just like strawberries & cream, they were MEANT to go together).

I'm probably on about 6 cups of this a day...

Just Me said...

I'm still going down as well. 75.5kg/166.5lbs
Haven't been feeling all that great, so I have gotten lazy some days with my exercises. Yet my eating habits are still going strong. I have no cravings for the sweet stuff lately. So it's all good.